Brazilian virgin hair extensions are made specifically to beautify your head. They are meant to be cared for just like how we do care for our natural hair because most the time they are made from donated hair it is best to keep them nice and healthy. Conditioners are meant to give your virgin hair extensions just that but a lot of times people condition their hair the wrong way. Here are some ways to better ways to condition your Brazilian weave bundle when next you are in the shower.

There are basically three ways to condition your virgin hair extensions. Short shower conditioning. Deep conditioning treatments and Leave-in conditioning. Basically before doing any of these three conditioner treatments, make sure to wash your Brazilian weave bundles properly with an organic clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisturising shampoo making sure not to disturb your weft. This starts the moisturizing conditioning process.

Short shower rinse out conditioner. This is usually done in the shower after shampooing. You do not have to towel out the excess dripping water before doing this conditioning treatment. While in the shower, just pour out some conditioner on your palm and rub on the Brazilian weave bundle. Starting from the tips of the virgin hair bundle, stroke the conditioner into the hair and continue to do that until all the hair is covered with the conditioner. Then use a wide tooth comb to comb in properly and then rinse off using cold water.Then allow drying while applying any Brazilian weave bundle oil of your choice.

Deep conditioning treatment. This is also done after shampooing but not necessary in the shower. After washing the virgin hair extensions, gently pat out excess water with a towel. Do not riffle while doing this. Just make sure to get as much water out as possible. Then apply the conditioner starting from the tips bits by bits. You can also add some essential oils to the conditioner while doing this. Then using a comb, comb out the virgin hair extensions, while using your hands to properly massage. Allow the Brazilian weave to absorb as much as possible. Now roll the virgin hair extensions into a bulb on the front side of your head and then secure using a large clip. Using a plastic shower cap, cover the virgin hair extension. Now using your hair drier at low heat, blow onto the shower cap for about five minutes. Allow to cool, then remove the cap and wash out using cold water. Cold water rinsing is very mild on the virgin hair extensions and this also allows all the extra oils from the conditioner and the essential oils to remain on your Brazilian weave bundles.

Leave-in conditioners. This usually has a very specific purpose. Use only when you feel your virgin hair extension is not hydrated enough or it needs more moisture or more saturation. Then just apply a little of it on and blow dry. Do not use if you want to have a bouncy hair because leave-in conditioner can be a little heavy on your virgin hair extensions.

Brazilian hair extensions are pricey so you have to give them the best care at all times.