You may have worn glasses since being a child or you could have 20:20 vision, most people however at some point in their lives will either need to wear glasses or want to wear glasses. With the amount of frames available these days and the special coatings that can be applied to glasses in order to block certain lights, wearing glasses is no longer a chore, in fact some people choose to wear glasses solely for fashion purposes!

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Here are some of the top reasons for wearing glasses.


Every year top designers release their new eyewear range according to the years trends. Long term glasses wearers love to wear frames that are current and in fashion and even non glasses wearers enjoy wearing them just to stay on trend! Glasses are a fantastic fashion accessory and can really accentuate facial features. There are styles to suit all ages and face shapes. Eyewear is big business, especially as nowadays it is considered cool to look a little geeky!


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We are more aware these days of the harm that uv rays can cause to our vision. Bright conditions are also uncomfortable. For this reason it is important to seek protection from uv rays by wearing eyewear that offers effective uv protection. Wearing sunglasses also looks attractive and adds an air of mystery. Don’t just wear sunglasses for fashion reasons though, ensure the protection is high enough. Some Eye Doctors will recommend the use of sunglasses in order to protect eyes from the dangers of UV rays.

If you enjoy skiing don’t forget to purchase goggles with uv protection, the glare from sunny, but snowy conditions can be immense!

If you already wear glasses you could consider getting a pair with lenses that darken in bright conditions. This will eliminate the inconvenience of having to carry numerous pairs of specs everywhere you go!

Glasses are also useful for protecting our eyes from injury. Especially useful and obligatory if you participate in any task which may involve the risk of flying foreign bodies or chemicals. Hay fever sufferers sometimes find that wearing glasses helps by lowering pollen and dust to their eyes.

Blue light blocker

We live in a digital world where people now spend hours and hours of the day staring at screens. People use computers and other electronic devices for work and in their spare time, there is no rest and the onslaught of blue light our eyes are subjected to is relentless, therefore computer glasses are a modern essential item!

Too much blue light can cause vision and sleep disturbances. Blue light is naturally all around us via daylight and can be harmful as well as being emitted from screens. It is therefore wise to take steps in order to lower your exposure to blue light. This can be achieved by wearing glasses with a blue light blocking coating. Even if you don’t need glasses for corrective reasons, if you spend a long time on screens you should consider wearing glasses that block blue light for this reason alone.

This is just a small snapshot of the main reasons why you may consider wearing glasses for reasons other than corrective purposes. You may also find as you age that you need glasses for close vision, this is a natural stage of aging. Many people prefer wearing glasses to contact lenses due to comfort and convenience. Whatever the reason there are oodles of on trend styles to choose from!