I received this Black Panther Movie Pack in exchange for my honest opinion.


Black Panther was my movie. Jam-packed with suspense, thought, drama, women empowerment and a sense of Black pride. Black Panther shows Black people in a positive light. Because the movie was so great I was excited to host a Black Panther Movie Night.

I saw the movie in the movie theatre and I showed my African pride.

While I saw many families go together I couldn’t take my son because he doesn’t like going to the movies. So when I got the opportunity to review the Black Panther on digital I was excited. We hosted a Black Panther Movie Night!

The movie pack included:

  • Black Panther Bingo
  • Black Panther Throw Blanket-We snuggled up that night (it was so soft)
  • What movie night would not be complete without popcorn
  • Black Panther Posters

We had a great movie night and my son and daughter loved it but my daughter who is 5 couldn’t completely understand everything but my son could and his favorit line from the movie is “What Are Those?!” Black Panther is a must see movie!

Black Panther is NOW available on DVD.