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Why Palm Oil Is Beneficial To Your Health

Growing up my grandmother used canola oil for frying, sautéing and all of our baking needs. She used canola oil for everything that required an oil but I have learned that those oils are toxic and I am going to explain just why palm oil is beneficial to your health.

They say if you know better than you do better I met my husband and he was more health conscious than I was and he taught me how to take better care of myself. I started being more health conscious and started using oils like coconut and olive oil but just when you think you have a great oil you realize there are so many different factors to look for. You have to make sure the oils are organic, non-gmo and heat tolerant.

At last I found an oil that is everything wrapped into one and its palm oil. Palm oil is organic, non-gmo and has a smoke point of 450 degrees.

After doing some research I found that Malaysian Palm oil

  • Palm Oil is nutrient dense. It’s a rich source of carotenoids pro-Vitamin A, it has a balanced fatty acid composition and high content of Vitamin E tocopherols
  • Free of Trans fat. Palm fat is free of trans fatty acids
  • Withstand high temperature. If you love to fry then this is the best oil to use.
  • Great for cosmetic use.I make my own Shea Butter mix and now I will use Palm Oil which makes your skin soft and supple.
  • Malaysia is a responsible palm oil producer.Malaysia was the first country to produce sustainable oil.

Where does Palm Oil come from?

In tropical climates, a special species of palm tree produces bunches of oil-rich fruit. Plantation workers hand pick massive fruit bunches which are then squeezed to release the palm oil.

For my popcorn lovers I have a great recipe for you


Want to try palm oil for yourself?

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Have you ever used palm oil?