Relive the Past with 5 Best Museums in Puerto Rico

Did you know Museo de Arte de Ponce is the largest art museum in the Caribbean? This museum reveals the legacy of Puerto Rico and gives a glimpse of its rich culture and tradition.With so much to offer, Puerto Rico has become a preferred destination for luxury travelers.There has been a spurt in tourism in recent years and this industry contributes more than 8% of the regions GDP, say experts at VIP Luxury Transportation Services, which provides airport transfers in Puerto Rico.

5 Eminent Museums in Puerto Rico

After landing at the San Juan airport, you can choose an airport shuttle to your hotel. Once you’re well rested and wish to explore the destination, make sure some of these museums are on your list of places to visit.
1. Museo de Arte de Ponce: This temple of history protects about 4,500 masterpieces that date back to the fourteenth century. Among them is the world famous ‘Flaming
June'. Constructed in 1895, this is a magnum opus of Leighton. You’ll have to travel southward from San Juan for about 2 hours to reach here.

2. Museo Castillo Serrallés: Ever thought of distilleries turning into a museum? This is one of the largest rum producing distilleries that has been turned into a museum and attracts 100,000 visitors every year. You too can enter the historical wine factory and get mesmerized by the whiffs of aging wine. The museum closes at 5pm. So, ensure that you book your ride to return to your hotel.

3. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico: You don’t need a critic’s eye to enjoy art at this museum. Visit this center of visual arts to enjoy its sculptured botanical gardens. It also
exhibits rich cultural gems at its 400-seat theater that showcases Puerto Rican visual art collections from the sixteenth century to the present. This museum is just a 10-
minutes’ drive from San Juan airport and can see it on your way to the hotel by booking airport transportation to take you there.

4. Museo El Cemi: A beautifully landscaped museum portraying the origin of the Puerto-Ricans, this is a center for knowing the inception of the indigenous tribe that flourishedon the island centuries back. Artifacts related to the archaeological findings andmonoliths are kept here under the observation of experienced curators. You can visitthis site to get a glimpse of the Taíno culture. It is a ride of about two hours from San Juan and remains open from 9am to 4pm each day of the week.

5. Sports Museum: This museum pays tribute to the world of sports and is considered among five best sports museums of the world. Life size statues of famous Rican
athletes are exhibited gracefully. You can get here in just 20 minutes by taxi, southwards from San Juan to reach Guaynabo Sports Museum. Museums of Puerto Rico narrate their various stories and have so much to offer as lessons for the next generation. So, book your flight ticket, accommodation and airport