Staying young and looking fresh-faced is something we all want to be able to do for as long as possible in our lifetimes. So whether you have decided to introduce products like eye balms to your skincare routine or are switching up your diet to something healthier, then looking fresh and staying young may not be as tough as you initially thought. Every little helps as they say. The secrets to anti-aging have been searched for, for hundreds of years, with everything from mud masks to royal jewels being explored by scientists. This science has allowed places like to offer procedures that can help prevent aging. One of the things we all want is to be able to look beautiful and young for as long as we can, and if you want to make a change in your life and have a more youthful complexion this year, here’s how to do it.

Cut back on dairy

Dairy is a food group which contains milk, yogurt, cheese, and cream. It is often consumed day to day by people all over the world, and in small doses, it can be absolutely fine for the body. However, if you consume a lot of dairies every single day, you may start to notice an increase in acne. Dairy clogs the pores and it can cause us to develop cystic acne, and this can make the skin look red, blotchy and lumpy. If you want clear and healthy skin, cut down on the milk and cheese.

Stress Less

Stress is an unfortunate part of life which seems to overwhelm far too many of us every single day. Stress is a mental disorder which is brought on by working too hard and living a life which you aren’t happy with. If you spend every day working at a job you hate or you are in a toxic relationship, your stress levels will always be through the roof. The issue with this is that stress makes us unhappy, and when we are unhappy we frown. This can cause our frown lines to show early on and it will age us by a huge amount. Take time out every now and again for yourself and make sure that you have a good work and life balance.


Working out might seem like something which is a chore, but it is one of the best ways to keep you looking young and spritely for longer. Working out will help us build muscle, get rid of fat and develop a more lean physique. Having a better body will not only make you look younger, but it will also make you feel younger and more confident too. You will be much happier if you take the time each day to do some exercises and get moving.

Give yourself a break

Sitting down and clearing our mind is something we all need to do now and again. If you are having a stressful week or month, book a day off work and spend it doing absolutely nothing. Order a pizza watch your favorite movies and spend some time with the people you love. Sometimes doing nothing is the remedy we need to relax and feel renewed. It will also help you get a better nights sleep which is proven to make us look younger!

Eat more fat

Believe it or not, fat in your diet can sometimes be a good thing. Healthy fats such as those found in avocados and nuts are essential for the body as they provide us with fatty acids. These fatty acids can help to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of mouth wrinkles, under eye wrinkles and laughter lines too. Try bringing a source of healthy fat into your diet every single day for the best results.

Stop being a couch potato

Inactivity is not only bad for your stomach, but it is also bad for your heart. If you spend most of the day sitting down due to your job, you need to make a point of spending your time at home moving around more. Moving around keeps our heart healthy and allows the blood to flow around the body more easily. It will keep you looking and feeling younger because you are healthier overall.

Be happy

Laughter is the best medicine, and happiness can make us stay young for years and years. The key to happiness is surrounding yourself with positivity and people who will lift you up. Surround yourself with people who will support you and make time to be with your family often. It is a fact that families who stay close throughout their lives have a longer lifespan than those who don’t. As humans, we need happiness in our lives, and the people we love are the best way to do this.

Drink red wine

As if you needed any more reasons to drink red wine, there was a study completed last year which showed us that wine contains a chemical called resveratrol, and this substance can increase the lifespan in mice. It also showed signs of decreasing obesity, and it showed a decreased instance of heart disease. One glass of red wine with your dinner each night can help you to digest the food quicker and will keep you looking healthy and young.

Do yoga

Yoga isn’t just an exercise, it is a form of relaxation which helps us reduce stress and increase strength and flexibility in our body. Practicing yoga a couple of times each week using an app like FitStar Yoga can dramatically increase your strength and it will make you into a much calmer and happier person overall. Try it for a week and you will see a difference in your energy levels and mood right away.

Eat superfruits

There are many fruits out there which offer amazing benefits for our body and which keep us looking youthful for years. One of the best out there is actually the pomegranate. Pomegranate seeds and juice can be used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. It can even decrease skin damage caused by the sun, which makes it an ideal drink to have every day during the warmer months of the year!

Sip green tea

Green tea is one of those wonderful drinks which have been drunk for years and years and can be seen as a super drink for many people. Green tea can help to boost metabolism, maintain clear skin, and even prevent lung cancer and breast cancer! Sipping on one or two cups of green tea every day will keep you healthy and happy for much longer and allow you to stay feeling young for years to come.

Use supplements

One of the easiest things you can do for clearer and younger looking skin is to use products that contain supplements, you can buy collagen masks for your eyes and skin to keep it plump and hydrated. You can use creams containing vitamin E which will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. And you can use retinol in creams to prevent wrinkles and to also smooth out your skin. Retinols causes the skin to peel and this reveals glowing and healthy skin underneath, preventing pores from clogging up and forming acne.

Train your brain

One part of staying young and staying healthy for longer in your lifetime is training your brain. Your brain is a huge part of the body and it defines your personality, so it is crucial that you take the time each day to play some brain training games and do some learning for your own benefit. Keeping your brain healthy will allow it to function better during your life and this will help to keep your body running smoothly for much longer. There are plenty of apps you can use online to train your brain and stay smart.