Summer is the best time of the year. The weather is stunning, the skies are blue, and there are many fun experiences on offer. If you are planning your summer holiday this year, you can use some of these clever hacks to make the time go much smoother!


Take one adapter and a USB


The thing about travelling abroad is that every country has a different type of plug socket and also a different wattage. If you want to charge all of your things while you are away, you will end up bringing all of your cables, some adapters and your suitcase end up looking a mess. However, instead of doing this, why not just bring along one adapter for your country and a USB lead? You’ll have a much clearer suitcase and you’ll still be able to bring everything you need!


Car storage


A roof rack like this one: 4WD Supacentre is absolutely essential for a road trip. Travelling by car can be great because you get to bring as much stuff with you as you like. A box on the roof of the car will give you a whole extra area to pack and it means that you can bring many more items with you on your holiday.


Solar powered reading


The idea of not having to charge your kindle or e-reader when sitting by the pool is amazing, and it can make your holiday much easier! Believe it or not, you can use a solar powered charger to keep your kindle a charge and keep it going for the whole holiday. Considering you’ll be by the pool a lot, you can definitely keep the charger powered up for the whole holiday!


Aloe Vera ice cubes


When you are sitting in the sun all day or you have been out walking, the worst thing you can come back with is a burnt body. Sunburn is horrible and it can make your skin feel tight and painful for days. To combat sunburn, you can freeze some Aloe Vera gel in an ice cube, and then use this to cool your skin after a hard day in the sun. Not only will it feel amazing, but Aloe Vera is incredibly nourishing for the skin and will allow you to stay happy and healthy throughout your trip.

Hidden storage in empty bottles


If you finish off a bottle of sun lotion or cream, don’t throw it away. Wash the bottle out and then you can use it to store things such as jewellery and money when you go out for the day. It will keep your valuables safe because no one would even think to steal a bottle of lotion. You will have the peace of mind that your small items are totally safe when you are out and about abroad.

Keep sunscreen with you at all times!


Always bring sunscreen with you! Saving your skin from burning is so important and you don’t want to spend your week waddling around in pain. Keep some on you and apply it every couple of hours to make sure that you are totally protected on your travels.