Empanology: A Great Place To Eat

The Bronx is rising and we are seeing more small businesses. While I like major food chains like Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock Cafe, BBQ’s, and Olive Garden, there is something unique about restaurants that are run with an entrepreneurial spirit. You find these unique restaurants like Harlem Shake, Red Rooster in Harlem and you have Sweet Chicks in Brooklyn but what about the Bronx? Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop what do they have to offer?

Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan have restaurants owned by entrepreneurs that add a personal touch that big food chains don’t have.

Guess what?


I recently got the chance to stop at a new hotspot called Empanology. The name alone makes you curious. With a bit of Puerto Rican island feel mixed with modern contemporary gives you the villages vibes with brick walls.


I grew up around Puerto Ricans all my life playing on the block, learning spanish eating Arroz con pollo and I loved empanadas.

What makes Empanology unique:

  • They have a truck stand on the inside.
  • The decor is great with a contemporary vide with brick walls
  • Chalkboard menu
  • Great outside venue including string lights and board games outside
  • Variety of empanadas like Red Velvet and Vegan options

They had celebrities like Mos Def come by and they have hosted a series of other summer events. We are waiting for Jenny from the block to come through (hint, hint)

This is a great spot for couples, family gatherings and just hanging out with your friends.

About the owner

Jason Alicea developed his passion for food at an early age. Jason’s early exposure to food’s ability to bring people together. Their goal is to make empanadas a household name replacing Taco Tuesday in your family’s weekly line up.

Want to visit? www.empanology.com

Rating 5/5