When you and your partner said your marriage vows to each other, and before God, you probably had high hopes for the future. You were in love, and because of that love, you were probably sure that nothing would get in the way. Of course, life isn’t straightforward, and the bond between you may have become broken, for whatever reason. There may be issues that have weakened your relationship. And you may be considering calling it quits. But should you?


Here is a disclaimer before we think about saving your marriage. There may be signs that your marriage is beyond repair. If trust has been broken or the relationship has become abusive, then sad to say it, but it may be time to end the marriage. However, if there is hope, if there is still some love between you, then don’t give up just yet. Before you call the divorce attorney, you may be able to save the marriage according to Godly principles you may have learned through your faith. Consider the following.


Be forgiving. None of us are perfect; we are only human, after all. We do make mistakes, but should we be beholden to them forever? No! God forgives us, and in the same way, we should forgive each other. If your partner has done something to offend you, don’t bear a grudge. Forgive any mistakes and move on. If they continue to make the same mistakes, and provided the things they do are genuinely detrimental to your relationship, then it may be right to end the marriage. But if your partner is sorry, if they don’t repeat the mistakes again, or if the mistakes weren’t worth fussing over anyway, then show grace, and forgive. And by forgive, we also include forgiving yourself. Don’t let your past hinder the future you have with your partner. God forgives you and your partner may have forgiven you, so don’t let previous failings eat you up and sabotage your happiness.


Be sacrificial. If there is anything you are doing that is taking you away from the relationship, then stop. Your relationship is the important thing, so if work, leisure activities, and social events are impinging on the time you spend with your partner, it may be time to adjust your priorities. Where possible, you both need to make sacrifices to give yourselves more time on making your marriage work. Use that time to talk to each other, have fun together, and to work out any differences that may be hindering your relationship.


Seek guidance. When faced with fear and doubt, the disciples went to Jesus. In all of His humanity, Jesus spoke to His father. You must do the same. The first and most obvious thing you should do is pray. Pray for God to rebuild your marriage. Ask Him to show you where things are going wrong. Ask God to bring change where it is needed. Pray with your partner, and pray when you are alone. And then seek help from your church. Your Pastor may be able to offer guidance and counselling, or there may be other church members better-equipped to help you. You might even consider a Christian counseling service. A Christian counseling service may help you see what needs to change and what you both can do together with God’s help, if you are in the South, looking for a counselor in katy Texas, might be the best option for you, help is all around you and there is no shame or weakness in getting help, your faith will guide you through. You’re not alone, so look for those who can help you mend your relationship.


If your marriage is in trouble, concentrate on our advice. There may still be time to rebuild your relationship and strengthen your bond before it is too late. Talk to your partner, spend time with them, seek help, and pray. God may have brought you together for a reason, so don’t let that love grow cold. Take care, and thanks for reading.