When going through a difficult time I tell people we all have to go through our own wilderness experience. In Born to Wander, Michelle Van Loon reminds us that God’s people have always been exiles and wanderers. So what is an exile and what is a wanderer?

Exile is not a terminal point
Exile is meant to transform us into pilgrims.

Pilgrims asks do I trust him? Van Loon reminds us that we are born to wander but the question remains are we moving toward God or wandering away from him? As I think about this aspect of wandering I think about when God says we are to venture out of our comfort zone. I think about Peter who was called to walk on water he was put in a uncomfortable spot it was a place where God was able to use Peter which was in his moment of uncomfortability. God doesn’t call for us to be comfortable he calls for us to come out of our comfort zones. Van Loon reminds us that when we are displaced to not complain and murmur like the people of Egypt but rather our exile is to make us pilgrims.

Jesus knows out human propensity for looking backward toward the past to try to tabulate the cost of following him. Here’s the thing: if our past was uncompromised and overflowing with vibrant spiritual health he wouldn’t need to tell us to follow him. We would have already been “pilgriming” instead of wandering.

This is a great book that helps you understand why God is requiring you to move and how to respond. We are called to be pilgrims not wanderers.

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I received this book to review in exchange for my honest opinion.