There is nothing worse than low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can cause you to feel low when times are really bad, and when you don’t believe in yourself, the negative times feel like they come more often. There are people everywhere that will have a reason that success happens for them. Some will say it’s access to financial resources, others will say it’s not what you know, but who. The thing is, success can happen to any person in any walk of life with the right grit and the right circumstances, but the biggest thing that any person needs is the right self-belief. The biggest factor to achieving anything is the belief that you can do it and you can do it well. It’s this belief that’ll push you from being doubtful about what you’re about to do with your life to being confident. It’s this belief that’ll make the difference between whether you hesitate or whether you jump in with both feet forward.

Having faith isn’t always easy though. When you’ve grown up in a life that constantly feels like the lemons being thrown are rocks to the side of the head, you grow up believing that no good things are going to happen for you. The thing is, the good things are ALWAYS going to happen if you have faith that they will. It doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting on your college acceptance letters or you’re awaiting the outcome of your application to some of the best first credit cards, whatever you seek in your life you will get if you have the right attitude and the right sense of self. Your finances don’t have to be a mess if you believe in yourself to fix a situation that has put you there. Your personal relationships can be strong and long-lasting if you believe that you can put in the work to make them last. The biggest difference between people who find success and the ones who don’t is the belief that they can do it and do it well. A confident person doesn’t mind the risks that they take if the risk is taken for the right reason. Your brain will always play against you, regardless of whether you have the right goals it will tell you that you should be cautious. It’s why we procrastinate, doubt ourselves, think negatively etc. Overcoming all of those internal struggles and obstacles are how we have some faith in what we do.


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No one else will believe in you until you do and while it’s a hard truth, it’s a truth nonetheless. You have to be able to believe that you’re going to be a success with the choices that you make. If you don’t believe it, other people won’t. If you want other people to put their faith in you, then you have to start first. You wouldn’t ask an investor to come forward to put money in your business if you don’t believe the concept is going to work; that’s the fastest way to failure if there ever was one! If you were in an accident and lost a limb, you’d go through periods of not believing that you can continue to live a full and active life – bar a few adjustments – and it’s the choice whether to stay in this negative way of thinking that will truly determine your future. Having just a touch of faith in yourself can change your life.

Having faith in yourself builds your confidence and it’s so important that you do this. Achieving a family, or financial security, or overall lifelong happiness will all depend on whether you have the confidence to strike out and grab those things that you so desperately want. You have to ascertain whether you have the strength of character to go and get the things that you want and if you do, then you have faith in yourself. Confidence stems from a very deep belief that you can achieve a family, going debt-free, launching a business – any one of those things that you so want, you can have.

Having faith means inspiring yourself to take action in your life. When you see something that you want, you must go for it. Some of the most successful people in the world get to their success with a few failures. Thomas Edison, the creator of the light bulb, failed multiple times before he succeeded in his creation that has changed the world. He never viewed it as failure, he simply said that he had learned how NOT to make a lightbulb. It’s this attitude that propelled him to his success and it can yours, too.

Self-belief is a way of life not just an idea that you have one day. You have to make a conscious effort to believe in yourself every single day, because it’s this that is going to keep pushing you on when things look bleak. Getting through the toughest times is never going to be an easy job, but the more that you believe that you can do it, the better off you will be in the long run. Having the ability to believe in yourself is actually pretty rare; most people are filled with an unending self-doubt and insecurity, and it’s this that is going to stop people from seeing life for how wonderful it really is.

Confidence is the preference and you need to be confident in everything that you’re doing with your life to have faith that things will work out. Even when things seem bleaker than bleak, they can work out for the best and you can be a big part of that happening. Your family are always going to be holding you up and supporting you, but until you can be your own support system you’re going to struggle to keep on moving forward. Take the time to work on yourself and be the best version of you that you can be. You won’t ever regret the choice you make to have faith in you.