One thing that all parents do, is teach their children the ways of life, and it’s understandable that you’d like to get your children interested in your faith and what you believe in. However, explaining something as large as faith to a child can turn out to be a more difficult task than you’d thought. Luckily, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks on how you can help your children understand your faith and more importantly, become interested in practising it too.

Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

Implement a time to practise faith

Depending on what you believe in, you will have a time that you dedicate to talking to your God. while you may already be practising thing, include your children in your praying time so that they can get themselves into a routine. Teach them that praying to God is about confessions, wishes, and also dreams of theirs to start with, so that nothing becomes too complicated for them. Getting your children into the routine of speaking to your God will help make a mark in their lives within your religion. You can start this from a very young age, as children are very impressionable. So, even if your children can talk yet, practising the actions and that reflection time will be a great start.


Explaining to your children why you have faith can be a difficult task, especially because children are very visual learners. However, you can use deliverance techniques such as showing them angelic warriors and other images that your religion has depicted for it’s followers. Allowing them to visualise what they are believing in will make it much easier for them to understand, especially when they are at a young age.

Teach them what would interest them at the moment

Some things are just going to be too much for your children to take on. The ins and outs of any religion can be difficult to keep track of. Instead, why not pick out the elements that would interest your children at the moment? Perhaps you’ll choose a hymn that is sang at church for them to learn and practise, or even giving them figurines for the bedrooms so that they can think about their faith and do their own kind of praying. Try not to overload them with too much information, as it can be confusing!

Find out what they already know

Finally, it’s important to find out what they already know about your faith. When they are at school, it’s likely that they have been taught about many different religions, and for a young mind it’s easy for them to get a few details mixed up. Once you know what kind of knowledge they have, you can concentrate on either getting the facts straight, or continuing their learning of your faith.