If you ask people what their special interests are, you will usually hear very familiar responses: true crime has become increasingly popular over recent years, while old favorites such as politics and sports remain commonplace. These are all well and good, of course, but more unusual choices of special interests can add a whole new dimension to your life. For example…


Sharing your interests with fellow enthusiasts


People with more unique special interests tend to be deeply passionate about them, and willing to share their excitement with likeminded people. You’ll be sure to find a warm welcome into more niche, special interest communities, which can provide a great way of meeting new friends too.


Your special interest becomes your “thing”


When your friends and family know of your special interest, you become the easiest person to buy gifts for, and they’ll usually go out of their way to highlight articles or blog posts that they think may be of interest. This can really help strengthen relationships and provide a way for the people in your life to show they care.


You can experience niche attractions and tourist spots


When traveling, most people visit the usual sites and attractions, the vast majority of which will be full of fellow tourists doing the same thing. If you have a more unique, unusual hobby or area of interest, then you can indulge this while traveling and enjoy the benefits of exploring less well-trodden paths. There’s a great infographic below on libraries that hold rare collections; if you were to cultivate an interest in these kinds of subjects, you’d open up a whole new world of traveling and tourism opportunities in future. Take a look at the cool infographic below and read more on the USC website about “famous libraries, then and now”.



Infographic Design By University of Southern California