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Throughout the history of religion and faith, marriage has almost always been viewed as a sacred pact which is taken under the gaze of God. Often being handled inside a church, with vows and ceremonies which were born in religious settings, this part of life is closely tied to what you believe. In a lot of cases, though, this can cause people to live very unhappy lives. When you don’t love someone, you shouldn’t have to spend everyday with them, and this post is here to help you to come to terms with the issues which faith can cause when you’re thinking about a divorce.


God Would Want You To Be Happy: Whether you’re Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or fit into any other faith, it’s very rare to find a version of God who wouldn’t want you to be happy. You’re not put on this planet to trudge through life, struggling to find peace, instead being here to enjoy the gifts you have been given. It’s important to remember that your faith is only a single part of your life, and it shouldn’t be something which makes you feel bad. Instead, it should be something which empowers you, giving you inner peace and driving you to be a better person, even if that means breaking the rules once in awhile.


The History: In a lot of faiths, it’s quite easy to see the connection between divorce and history. Back in the old days, a lot of the rules surrounding marriage were built out of convenience, and designed to fit into a world which was very different. Unfortunately, religion has often been used as a tool to oppress the general population, but the way that people live on the modern age doesn’t suit this sort of behaviour. Of course, the way that a modern divorce lawyer works is also very different to the way that court would have worked in the past. Things are much fairer, nowadays, and neither party has to be left without a deal which makes them feel bad.


Your Place In The Church: One of the hardest things to deal with when you decide to separate from your partner is the way that your fellow church goers may look at you once the procedure is complete. In reality, though, most people are very supportive of this sort of decision. It’s easy to be overly concerned that you will be ousted or find it hard to fit in after this process, but these people are your friends. They care about you more than they care about the way you’ve lived your life, with forgiveness being a huge part of each and every faith.


With all of this in mind, the idea of separating from your partner should be a much less daunting one. It’s a shame that so many people feel that they can’t live their lives freely because of their religion, especially in a world where society has long since accepted these ideas. If you need more help with this, it could be worth talking to your church leader to get their opinion.