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Why Probiotics Are A Healthy Choice For The Entire Family


Typically when we think of probiotics we may think of yogurt or drinks like Functional Cold Brew™, which are both great examples of probiotic foods and beverages. It is also important to know why this is good for us. Probiotics is live bacteria that are good for your overall health.

I got the opportunity to review Dr. Ohhira’s probiotic and in the process learn about the importance of taking probiotic. I started taking the probiotic and started to notice that I have more energy.

What makes this probiotic different is that its a unique blend of prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotics.

Prebiotics: Medium fermented vegetables and mushrooms that nourish probiotics

Probiotics: Friendly bacteria that help you digest food and support immune response

Postbiotics: Ph balancing organic acids along with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to support digestive function and improve whole health.

As a busy mom and wife of two. I need supplement that will help to energize me and prevent bloating. Did you also know that probiotics are good for kids immune system? What I also love is that there are no artificial flavors or chemicals.

According to the Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics it showed that kids who were supplemental with probiotics were three times less likely to experience fever, cough and runny nose than their classmates who did not receive the probiotics.

Some of the reasons why we need to take probiotics include:

Facilitate healthy digestion
Support a healthy immune system response
Promote nutrient absorption
Assist in healthy weight and appetite maintenance

If you want to find out more information or to purchase click here

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