Writing Young Adult books could be a wonderful idea if you enjoy reading these types of books and you have some good ideas that you feel would suit a YA audience. However, one reason not to write a YA book is because you think it’s going to be easier than writing an adult novel. You still need to put just as much effort into writing a YA book as you would any other kinds of book.


Could you write the next big YA book? Below are some pointers that you can use to help:



Complex Characters And Great Writing Is Still Important

YA books should not be written with any less effort than other types of books. You should avoid stereotypes at all costs. Then, work on finding your voice and the language will follow. Read different YA books to get an idea of what will make a good book and what won’t.


Make Sure Your Protagonist Suits Your Audience

Your protagonist should should your audience, and if it’s YA you’re writing then your character will usually need to be anywhere from 10-18 years old. This doesn’t mean adults won’t read your book, but that’s what makes it YA.


Write About The Important Stuff

Don’t miss out the important subjects! Include things about mental health, illness, death and other things you think are important.


Avoid Trying Too Hard With Slang

Teenagers probably don’t talk like you think they do, and even if they do, writing exactly like them will out date your book really quickly in a few years time. Take a look at authors like Daniel Handler, who wrote their books with a totally unique voice, giving them a timeless edge.


Choose The Right Perspective

Make sure you choose the right perspective for your story. Present tense makes it more fast paced, for example, and gives the reader a sense of uncertainty.


Think About How Your Character Is Going To Grow

Your character should try new things and grow in your book. How will they evolve as a character?



You need some tension in a YA book or people will stop reading. How can you raise the stakes? If you don’t have tension readers will get bored, You shouldn’t even get bored writing it!


Don’t Be Preachy

Maybe you’re tempted to try to send a message using this medium. Well don’t! Trying too hard to be preachy will turn readers off you very quickly.


Give Readers A Glimmer Of Hope

Most YA books end with a glimmer of hope, even if it’s just a very small glimmer. How can you end your book so that a light appears to be at the end of the tunnel, whether you plan on writing another one or not?


So, do you think you could write the next big YA book? Just remember, practice makes perfect. Keep on writing, keep on perfecting your voice and your characters, and you’ll create something that you can really be proud of. Leave any of your own thoughts and idea below!