When you have a baby on the way, there are all manner of things you’ll need to consider. Aside from preparing for things like childbirth and arrival, you’ll need to get ready for many other changes. Even if this isn’t your first child, your life is still about to change in ways you could never imagine. Suddenly, you’ll have a newborn who’s dependent on you for everything. You’ll be straight back to those nighttime feeds and baby clothes which fit for the grand total of a week. You’ll need to buy everything from new nappies to cribs. And, of course, you’ll need to decorate that all-important nursery.

Which leads us nicely onto the topic of today’s post. What happens if you don’t have room for a nursery as it stands now? Introducing a new member into your family means that things could get a little tight at home. Often, we have no choice but to buy bigger houses to fit our expanding families. If you don’t have space for a nursery right now, the chances are that you could benefit from doing the same thing.

That decision alone doesn’t mean anything, though. You need to ask yourself whether you’re going to move before or after the birth. This is a difficult decision, and there are tempting arguments on either side of the fence. As a general rule, though, you may want to consider settling into a new home before your bundle of joy arrives. While this will lead to stress you don’t need right, the process will be a lot less stressful than with a newborn in tow. Whatever you do decide, you will have people around you to help make this transition easier. Just like having the right support network, there are always companies out there who can make the moving process less stressful than it needs to be. For example, looking into something like crate hire UK can help provide you with professional crates for you to be able to move your essentials efficiently. There are always ways to make it easier for everyone. But there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to moving house, especially with a newborn on the way.

Of course, the main issue with doing things this way around is the timeline. Selling houses takes time, and you only have nine months to do it. In some cases, that may not be enough to put you off a traditional market. But, if you’re worried about running out of time, it’s worth noting that you can sell for cash fast. By using references like these tips to sell your house without fixing it up, you could start moving in no time. At least, you could as long as you looked out for properties with no chains attached. There are several properties that are currently available if you know where to look, for example, Homes For Sale In Boerne.

So, that’s how to move before a baby arrives. But, let’s take a closer look at why it’s worth your effort.

House hunting is easier without a baby

An obvious pointer to start on, but it’s a crucial plus regardless. You wouldn’t believe how much easier house hunting is without a baby in tow. Unless you’ve done this mom stuff before, of course. In which case, you’ll very much believe it. The fact is that having a baby on board makes every aspect of this process much harder. For one, you won’t be able to take viewings at feed times. That could mean missing out on the ideal property because your baby needed a bottle when the estate agent was available. As if that weren’t reason enough, you’ll also need to juggle your child during the viewings you do attend. The chances are that both you and your partner will want to view a potential property together. The trouble is, that means either bringing your baby along or finding a babysitter. Neither of which is easy. If you take the baby, they could cry and cause you to rush the viewing. Even if you find babysitters, you could end up spending a fortune on the cause. That’s a problem given that every penny counts when you’re in the market for property. You could go as far as to say this is a lose-lose whichever way you look at it.

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You could save money

Cutting the costs of babysitting isn’t the only money-saving benefit of moving before a birth. This could also save you money in ways you would never imagine. For proof, consider how much expectant moms usually buy for their little bundles. Call it nesting if you will, but those endless supplies of baby grows are often little more than a waste of money. Of course, you need to have the basics on hand, but 100+ baby outfits is a little more than the basics. This is especially problematic when you consider how fast newborns grow. The majority of parents usually end up giving away outfits like these which still have their labels on. Talk about chucking money away. But, how does this relate to buying a new house? Well, when you’re moving, you’re more likely to get rid of stuff you don’t need than to buy a whole load of new bits. Far from going all out with baby purchases, you’ll likely hold fire until you’re in your new house. By reducing the period in which you have to nest in this way, you could cut that baby bill in half or more. And, the chances are that you’ll still have more than enough stuff to see you through.

You’ll give yourself time to recover

We all know how important it is to take it easy during pregnancy. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should fast become a no-go. As such, you should be sure to leave the heavy lifting of moving boxes to the Deliveree. Still, you’ll be able to take care of things like organization once everything’s in the correct rooms. That just won’t be the case after birth. The fact is that recovery from childbirth is no easy thing. Often, it takes longer than we realize going into things. While celebs seem to bounce back to their old lives in a matter of days, some women experience discomfort for months after birth. Some studies even suggest that you won’t be fully recovered for upwards of a year after. As such, even tasks like unpacking boxes could become problematic for you. Even hauling yourself and your baby from one house viewing to another could set you back here. By comparison, already being in your new home ensures you can focus on your healing. You won’t need to worry about significant changes coming up. Instead, you’ll be able to settle down and rest easy that you’re all staying put.

You won’t need to change that all-important routine

We all know how important routine is for both mom and baby. Going to bed at the same time each night is essential to ensure you both get at least some sleep between feeds. No one can stress enough how vital those snatches of sleep become during the early months. The bad news is, there are suggestions that changing a baby’s environment can impact their sleep pattern. Even if you put them down at the same time each night, their new room could keep them up. When you consider how difficult it can be to develop this routine in the first place, that’s a definite negative. Once you manage to get your baby down without fuss at night, you’ll do anything to keep it that way. Moving house after that point could well see you back at step one. Don’t put yourself through that. Lay the foundations for this routine in your new home.

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There will be room for everyone

We’ve left the best until last, haven’t we? The main benefit of moving before birth is that there’ll be room for everyone from the first day of your new baby’s life. You’ll (hopefully) have their shiny new nursery all ready to go by the time they arrive. While most babies sleep in their parents’ room for the first six months, that time will fly by. Once your baby arrives, you’ll blink and find that it’s time to put them in their own bedroom. And, moving at this stage ensures that they have a room to move into. That aside, moving beforehand also helps with space elsewhere in the house. Babies take up room in ways you could never imagine. If you’re in a small house when the baby arrives, you’ll struggle to fit their cot into a room, let alone anything else. Before you know, your kitchen sides will fall foul to mountains of dirty bottles, and your living room floor will become a sea of baby toys. If you’re in a large house, this stuff is much more manageable. At the very worst, you’ll be able to step over those piles of teddies. But, if your rooms are tiny, you’ll all start to feel claustrophobic pretty fast. That’s not good for your mentality of that of your baby. Make sure it doesn’t happen by moving somewhere more spacious before this issue arises.

A final word

There’s no way to deny that moving house while pregnant can be stressful. On some days when your back’s sore, viewing houses will be the last thing you want to do. Still, forcing yourself through the process at this stage in the game will be worth your while. Rather than having to consider this when your baby is already in the world, you’ll be able to enjoy their first years without worry. What more could any parent ask for?