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Beat The Winter Blues: Sail Away

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Winter is coming, and now is the time that many people start to feel a little blue due to the shorter days, darker nights, and colder temperatures. Sometimes it can pay to sail away to warmer shores for a few days, or at least plan an adventure for the spring or summer, as travel is a great way to beat the blues.

The wonderful thing about sailing, is the freedom that tends to accompany it, whilst this freedom tends to be associated much more with a private boat or yacht, many people feel this sense of freedom on the open waters of an organised cruise.

That said, many a sailor couldn’t think of anything much worse than an organised cruise where they are spoon fed everything and decisions are made for them – as at the heart of sailing is the feeling of freedom, adventure and autonomy.

Many people dream of yacht charter Virgin Islands as their ultimate dream, though, there are many other destinations to consider for a dream trip which is what we’re going to look at within this article.

First, we’ll take a look at three options in the US and then something a little more culturally exotic:

Seattle, Washington

The great thing about this place, is that you can take to the water after a busy day at work on a warm summer evening where there’s no humidity, pleasant temperatures and light nights. There’s an extended boating season along with a cool city that has a diverse culture and plenty of artsy events..

Key West, Florida

Whether you’re looking for a solo adventure, or just want to dip your toes into ocean life on a booze filled sunset cruise, Key West has it all. The calm and laid back vibe associated with the Caribbean, the tolerant and liberal scene that welcomes all visitors, and the exceptional food. This is not necessarily the place to “get away from it all”, indeed, it’s more the place to mingle, people watch and party.

Greenport, New York

Long Island has two forks; Greenport is on the North with its fanicer Hampton neighbours on the South. Greenport is a less pretentious place with a vibrant fishing community that keeps the vibe much more real. It’s a great place to visit for an unpretentious weekend to get out the city and enjoy the open water without the social pressure sometimes associated with the Hamptons.

The Mediterranean

There’s a rich cultural tapestry awaiting to be explored in the Mediterranean, with such cultural variety and scenic diversity you’ll literally be spoilt for choice. Many people head to the affluent shores of the South of France to flex their social muscles, yet one of the favourites for those wanting to explore the most beautiful beaches tends to be found within the Greek Islands.

If you watched the film “Mama Mia” and fell in love with the scenery, then you need to head to Greece where they have a number of islands which are magnificently beautiful and rich in cultural heritage.

Islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are wildly popular with affluent tourists, whilst larger islands such as Crete attract a more history and culture focused crowd. You can even hire a car from somewhere like e-mietwagenkreta whilst in Crete, making travelling around the island much easier.

Next door to Greece you have Turkey, indeed, Bodrum is just 30 minutes sailing from the Greek Islands of Kos – and with world renowned sailing spots around the rustic coast of Fethiye and Kas, Turkey is a great option too.

If a yacht charter to places like the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, Africa and many others is a prospect that excites you, visit Northrop and Johnson to learn more.

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