Breaches happen. Any blog which runs an eCommerce section needs to be aware of this or else it will cost them. And, it’s more than the $3 million hypothesizes. Sure, there is a financial aspect because customers will stop using the platform. However, there is a trust and reputation factor to consider too. Trying to rebuild when the industry doesn’t have any faith is almost impossible. Preventing it from happening is the key to stopping it ruining your entire business plan. It could be even worse of you completely lose your files, luckily there are places similar to this seagate data recovery service that can assist with recovering your data.

Here are the options at your disposal. Read them carefully; it might be the smartest move you ever make.


Usually, the first line of defense is offense but not in this case. The viruses and the Trojan horses and the hackers will come to you and they won’t be subtle. Some will try and sneak through a backdoor and others will huff and puff until they blow the house down. It’s essential to have a strong line of defense to prevent a breach, which is why a comprehensive antivirus software package is important. Look for ransomware protection. Also, please password protect anything which connects to the server, from a wifi router to an email account.


There is no way to tell if an attack is happening unless you know what to look for. That goes for your records as well as hacker tactics. If you don’t realize something is missing, the breach will take place right under your nose. With this in mind, it’s wise to keep tabs on critical information. Not only should you be able to respond and limit the damage, but the company might also be able to recover what gets lost. Apps are available yet there is nothing like a dedicated IT team to monitor the situation. Plus, humans can react instantly whereas a program needs directions.


In a perfect world, only you would see the sensitive info which others can sell to make a profit. As it goes, there is no way to run a company without outside help. Outsourcing is popular for this very reason. Take virtual office services. At, the assistants read, scan and send mail to your email account. As well as this, they offer to shred any documents if you choose. They understand the importance of data not leaking to the outside world. Always pick a third-party that is trustworthy and puts the business’ security needs first such as website hosting services like


Companies file suits for frivolous things, yet your business doesn’t fall into this category. What a lawsuit does is to show hackers that they aren’t infallible. They might be acting remotely, yet they are traceable and can be held up to the law as any other citizen. Retracing their steps will help you to uncover their identity and take off the mask. Then, it’s open season. If more businesses did this, thieves would think twice because there would be consequences for their actions. At the minute, it’s accepted that it’s a part of the industry.

Don’t you think it’s about time this attitude changed?