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Living Confidently With Hearing Loss

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Behind heart disease and arthritis, hearing loss is one of the most common physical conditions affecting people today, according to statistics. Whether it is something we develop because of health issues or be it something that develops due to age, we can all suffer from hearing loss to some degree.


If you’re suffering from hearing loss, you may have seen a dip in your self-confidence. Not being able to hear others very well may have stopped you from socialising. Issues with speech impairment as a result of your hearing condition may prevent you from pushing yourself forwards in conversations. You may feel self-conscious because of the hearing aid you have to wear. These and other factors may have stopped you from living confidently. However, hearing loss doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle that limits your life.


Focus on the following.


Know that you’re not alone. If you read the statistics we linked above, you will know that there are many other people in your situation. Let this offer you some solace, because, as we said in one of our previous articles, hearing loss happens to the best of us. Yes, it sucks for you, but there doesn’t have to be a stigma attached. Most people won’t judge you or think differently of you because chances are, they may have hearing loss themselves, or they may know somebody who does within their social circles.


You can change your hearing aid. If you’re not happy with having a hearing aid in your ear, then consider the various styles of hearing aids available to you. Some of them are barely noticeable (if at all), so if your current aid inhibits you for cosmetic and/or lifestyle reasons, you can replace the one you currently wear if it will help you to live your life with more confidence. Follow the link and then speak to your audiologist for more advice.


Let people know you have a problem. Most people are kind and supportive, so if you need to ask somebody to speak up, then do so. If you need to ask them to speak more clearly, then go for it. Let them know you have a hearing problem, and they should be accommodating. And if they aren’t? Well, they probably weren’t worth talking to in the first place! Whatever the case, don’t let your hearing loss deter you from social situations, as you will only become less confident in the process.


Talk to your boss. Adjustments may have to be made at work, so don’t be afraid to speak to your boss. It’s your employer’s legal duty to support you, and there will be steps they can take to make your life easier, such as installing hearing loop systems so you can hear better during meetings, or alerting your colleagues, so they are aware of your situation. Provided your hearing loss is not detrimental to the job you have to do, you should still be able to manage your duties as normally as possible.


Living with hearing loss isn’t easy, and you probably don’t need us to tell you that if you are dealing with this issue. However, don’t let it rule your life. Follow our advice, get the help you need, and be positive about who you are. Above and beyond your hearing loss, you have much to offer the world, so step out of your comfort zone if you have been living in a safety bubble, and live your life!


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