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Accessories are fun. They spruce up any outfit and a touch of something personal and unique to your overall ensemble. But you need to remember that accessories are there to complement what you are wearing and shouldn’t necessarily be the focal point of your entire look. Too many people make the mistake of choosing an accessory and then trying to base the rest of their entire look around this one small feature. Instead, if you want to look good at all times, you should really focus on the main body of your outfit. Here are just a few different items that you should make the focal point of your ensemble!




If you’re looking to make putting an outfit together as simple as possible, you might want to consider a dress. A dress comprises the whole body of an outfit in just one item of clothing, so you don’t have to worry quite so much about matching things up. Now, there are various different types of dresses out there and so there are styles to suit pretty much any occasion. Consider maxi dresses from for a casual day out or lunch. There are cocktail dresses for nights out on the town. Consider ball gowns for fancy evening events. What’s most important when buying any dress is the fit. So make sure to get to know your body type and what you feel most comfortable in, as well as which cuts best flatter your figure.




Jeans are an absolute staple and pretty much anyone’s wardrobe will have a few pairs hanging in there. But it can be pretty difficult to find the perfect pair to suit your needs. You have to consider factors such as colour, wash, denim weight, and fit. But once you find the perfect pair you’ll be set for years to come, as jeans have a certain longevity to them. Consider a variety of different styles. You could try skinny fit, flares, and everything in between. You could also try out the season’s hottest trend and invest in a pair of heavily ripped jeans or DIY and take a pair of fabric scissors to your own unripped jeans. Just be careful when altering clothing yourself. It’s better to make small rips and expand on them than to go in with a huge cut to start, only to find that it’s in the wrong place or has made your jeans unwearable.




You may feel a little reluctant to wear skirts now that winter is approaching and the temperature is dropping. After all, who wants cold legs? But you should also bear in mind that you can pair up any skirts you own with some thick tights to keep toasty and warm!

Once you’ve got the main body of your outfit on point, you can then focus on accessorising and sprucing things up a bit!