There are so many articles and headlines about our health at work and how the work environments that we are in, have an impact on us. The impact of sitting down for hours and hours can take its toll, and bad posture can lead to issues later down the line. And you are likely to have heard all about so-called options like treadmill desk or standing desk, in an effort to improve things at work for you. And while they could make a difference, there are some tips and pieces of advice that you could start to do, to make sure that you are safe and healthy at work; you can’t improve your career or earning potential if you are sat at home sick. If you are unfortunate enough to experience an accident at work, you might even find it difficult to return and fall into financial difficulties. Taking out disability insurance is one way to protect yourself from any unexpected circumstances. For more information about short-term disability insurance quotes, go to

One of the first things to mention, though, is knowing your rights in the workplace. Your office or place of work should be a safe and healthy place to be, with things like workspace desk risk assessments, and your employer should help you to get access to things like occupational health should you need it. Not to mention that you can be entitled to some compensation and medical care for employees if you are injured at work and it wasn’t your fault. This article here talks about the defense base act, and that is all about how you can get compensation and medical care if you were injured when working on a contract at military bases So it is worth knowing what you are or aren’t entitled to, because of where you work. You shouldn’t have to be out of pocket and wages because of an injury or ill-health that was brought on from something happening where you work.

But onto the advice; is there anything else that you would add to the list?


Stay Hydrated

When you stay hydrated it can help you in so many ways. For starters, it can help you to have more energy, as your body can be functioning as it is meant to. When your body that is made up of lots of water has the water replenished, it allows you to function and do what it should, without sapping your energy levels. Second of all, it can help you to feel refreshed as it helps to flush toxins and waste out of your body.

Move More

It makes sense that the more you move, the healthier you will be. But it can be easier said than done when you’re at work. So set yourself some targets for how much you are going to get up and move around the office. I could be each hour, and walk to speak to someone, rather than sending them an email or internal message. Use your lunch and break time wisely too, and go for a walk or use the time to exercise, rather than sitting and eating your lunch.

Refresh Your Mind

The office can be a place that is stressful and can overwhelm you with all that you have to do. So whether at home or at work, you need to find ways to refresh your mind. Physical distance can be good, which is why it might be good from home, or look for ways to do that when taking breaks. It could be some deep breathing, a phone call to a friend about things that aren’t work related, or a brisk walk. When your mind feels refreshed you will have much better focus and much reduced levels of stress.

Think Positive

One of the great things about living in the day and age that we do, is that there is access to so much useful information. In fact, studies like this one here,, have shown that if you think positive, you are going to be healthier than those that think negatively. You can be busy and have a demanding job but still feel positive about it all. In fact, it could be a good idea to start each work day writing down three things that you are thankful for. When you show gratitude, it can help your day and help your positivity. Make it a habit and don’t allow yourself to have a morning coffee unless you’ve done it.

Healthy Snacking

Having a dip in blood sugar is a very real thing. And when it happens it can make you feel exhausted. But the key is to reach for healthy snacks, like nuts or fruit, to give you a natural boost, rather than reaching for something sugary that can give you energy, but make you feel worse afterwards.