Life isn’t always straightforward. It can be very complex and understanding yourself, and your body is important when the seasons change. A few of us suffer from seasonal depression so to help, here are some tips that may help you combat it as best you can.

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Allow Your Body To Rest


You know your body best so listen to it. Resting our body is vital because it gives it time to heal and repair itself. Depending on the season, you may find yourself more tired and exhausted so give your body the sleep it needs instead of depriving it.


Natural Light


It seems very simple, but natural light can have a big effect on our mood. If it’s possible, try and get as much natural light during the day as possible. If you struggle to get enough, then there are artificial lights that mimic natural light so these can be great to have in your office or home.


Get Exercise


This doesn’t work for everyone but for some, gentle exercise can be a great way of pumping the blood around the body and lifting your mood. Alongside a healthy, balanced diet, your body is then getting all the right vitamins, minerals and exercise it needs to stay healthy.




Speaking to someone is beneficial in any situation where you don’t feel yourself or if you’re low and upset. Usually, we open up more to a stranger with the experience to help with the worries rather than a family friend or colleague. Counseling is available to anyone who needs it so don’t keep it all bottled up.


It also helps when you’re going through a particularly tough life experience like death or dealing with a divorce attorney.




Taking pills is something that should be taken very seriously and is a final option for anything that you may have tried before. Antidepressants, such as zoloft generic, are different for everyone so one person’s experience with them may be different from the next. Consult your doctor and weigh up the pros and cons of taking them before you go ahead with it.


Take A Mental Health Day


Your health is important, and no job or work is worth poor health. If you’re having a bad day, speak to your company (HR specifically) about taking a mental health day off. It’s great to see more companies taking an active responsibility in keeping employees happy, so don’t be afraid to approach them when you need time off.


Get More Vitamins


When it gets dark and the nights draw in earlier, the lack of daylight can play havoc on our mood and state of mind. It’s important that you still get all of those vitamins your body needs and you can do this by taking vitamin tablets or eating foods that contain those vitamins.


Mental health is still something that for many is difficult to understand or handle. As it’s an invisible illness, it’s hard to spot the signs. Keep care of yourself and don’t forget to reach out to someone if it gets too hard.