In the recent past, juice has been labeled the bad guy with most people blaming it for their obesity and calling it a diet fad when in reality, fresh fruit and vegetable juices prepared in the right combinations pack a lot of vitamins and minerals that are highly needed in your body. We are here to set the record straight so check out nine reasons why you should incorporate fresh juice into your diet as expounded herein.


  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices boost my immune


Fresh fruit and veggies contain different vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and phytonutrients which when taken help boost your body’s immune system. For instance, most citrus fruits pack a burst of Vitamin C which helps boost the immune system. Leafy green vegetables also contain a lot of Vitamin C as well as a variety of antioxidants and beta-carotene which stimulate the body’s ability to fight infection. Taking these fruits as whole is close to impossible due to lack of time, but juicing them enables one to include various fruits and vegetables together, thereby taking a variety of minerals and vitamins that help you boost your body’s disease-fighting ability.


  • Fresh juices are the perfect energy drinks


While sugar-laden energy drinks and caffeine help boost energy, they only do so for a while and then leave you low and dry after a while. However, taking a glass of freshly squeezed juice treats your system to a burst of instant, natural and long-lasting energy. This is because fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars which are not only easily digestible but are also beneficial to the body when taken in the right amounts. So if you are looking for something to keep you going, starting your day with a glass of fresh juice will help give you the energy rush you are looking for and also help you stay focused and alert.


  • Fresh juices boost gut health


They say health begins in the gut which is true because the human gut contains more bacteria than the rest of the body. These bacteria are responsible for many processes and make up more than 75% of our immune system. That is why you should ensure you take care of it because a happy gut means a happy you. One way to keep it happy and healthy is by making fresh fruit and vegetable juices since they contain ingredients that help the gut bacteria thrive. For instance, pears boost the secretion of digestive juices thus enabling food to move more smoothly through your gut, while a veggie like cucumber is rich in water and fiber, which are two of the most needed elements for a healthy digestive system. Citrus fruits like lemon boost the production of bile while ginger prevents bloating. Creating a cocktail using such fruits and vegetables helps keep your gut in top shape.  


  • Fruits are diuretic


Taking fresh juice in the morning and at different intervals during the day increases your rate of urination. This helps get rid of toxins that have been building up in your body at a much faster rate thus purifying it.


  • They keep skin glowing


You no longer have to look for ways to keep your skin gleaming and flawless as vegetable and fruit juice can keep your skin healthy. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients which help flush out toxins and prevent the growth of free radicals that cause problematic skin conditions. For instance, carrots are rich in Vitamin A which fights wrinkles and acne while pomegranate boasts anti-aging properties. They also boost hydration which is good for the skin.


  • Boost weight loss


As mentioned earlier, juices are diuretic. By flushing out toxins, they help create room for weight loss. Also taking a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice when you are hungry helps prevent your cravings. For instance, lemons contain lots of pectin fiber which has been proven to aid in fighting hunger cravings. Avoiding such foods enables you to achieve weight loss. Another part of drinking fresh juice is making it, so make sure you have a reliable juicer. And making juice require efforts like cutting fruit or vegetable that can make you work and potentially lose weight.

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  • Strengthens bones


Juicing fruits like oranges and tangerines, and vegetables like spinach enable you to drink down calcium which is a vital mineral in bone development and strength.


  • They help you stay hydrated


A large percentage of fruits and vegetables is water. Therefore, if you find it difficult to take water then taking fruit and vegetable juices is another way to keep your body hydrated. Celery, cucumber, watermelons, oranges, cantaloupe, spinach are some of the fruits and veggies that contain the highest amount of water. Taking these not only keeps you hydrated but also pumps your body with vital nutrients.


  • Reduce stress and help you sleep better


Certain fruits and vegetables have been proven to have calming effects. For instance, blueberries and green leafy veggies contain such properties. Also, the more the antioxidants and vitamins you take, the better your ability to cope with stress. As a result, you can sleep better. Additionally, fruits like pineapples and bananas are rich in melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. As you know, less stress and more sleep mean better health.