There are two types of people in the business world: Those who are confident about giving a public speech – and they are not many–, and those who are terrified at the idea of speaking in public – this is by far the largest group. However, the more you face your fears and get out of your comfort zone, the more likely you are to get better at convincing your audience and becoming an engaging speaker. It’s fair to say that when fear is paralyzing, you might need to consider the underlying cause first to understand how to deal with your business speech. In reality, there are more than one situations in which overcoming your challenges can be a major success in your professional career.  

Don’t cancel the speech


#1. Use it as a self-confidence boost

A lot of women suffer from what is called the impostor syndrome in the business environment. They worry they may not be good enough for their position, questioning both their skills and their appearances. The impostor syndrome is a serious handicap to career progression, and the only way to fight it off is to face your fears. You can practice your speech ahead so that your delivery is on point. Additionally, if you’re conscious about your look, you can boost your overall appearance by learning to look after yourself. Make it a lifestyle habit to put yourself first, from eating the right food for your body to using the right skin care product.


#2. It’s the first appearance after a significant health issue

If you’ve been off work for a while as a result of an injury, it’s natural to want to come back as early as possible. After all, working is an essential part of maintaining your lifestyle. However, while you might be comfortable sitting at your desk with a pair of crutches, you may not be ready to hold a speech if you’re unsure of your mobility. You can train actively for the occasion with professionals from a rehabilitation center to feel more confident. Ultimately, showing you are still relevant professionally despite the accident secure your career.


Receive professional rehab after an injury


#3. You can nail that professional promotion

You’ve been after a promotion for ages, and you still haven’t had any chance to land your dream job. It’s a nasty situation but showing off your presentation skills can significantly improve your chances. You can learn from the some of the best speakers around: Keep your slides light and focus on revealing one piece of information at a time. But you are the main object of the attention, so fade your slides to black when you speak.


#4. You’ve decided to resign from your company

If you’re working on expanding your side business to resign from your company in the near future, being asked to hold a speech can put you in an awkward position. But don’t reject your chance to network ahead of the launch of your business. Your network can save you a lot of money when you’re ready to get to the market!


Most people refuse to hold a speech because they feel uncomfortable about the attention. However, if you struggle with making your professional presence more relevant in your business industry, you can use the speech as a way to boost your career proactively and prove you’re on top of your game.