Something that we fear as humans is not knowing what the meaning of life is. We don’t know where we came from, or why we are here on earth. That alone makes us wonder, what does our existence really mean to ourselves. If we are just in a line of beings to be born, what makes us special? If we aren’t special, then is there any hope in carrying on? Many relationships that were first spiritual can sometimes go through patches where that magic is gone. It’s normal for couples to argue, it’s normal for fallings out to occur but to abandon ways in which you started such as a holy alliance with each other, spells the end. It’s actually quite common for spiritual couples to go through the same things couples that aren’t spiritual. Just because you have god watching over you doesn’t mean that you won’t face the same tests as everybody else. It’s how you get back to where you once was that matters. Here’s how to help a spiritual bond gone awry.




Be apart and search


Like all couples are recommended, when you have a big fight you need to give each other space. However when you do, you should spend some time away from them and go to your place of worship without them. Here you will feel as if you can be more honest about your partner without them sitting, standing or kneeling beside you. Ask god questions about your relationship and whether or not your partner is a test that you have the strength to pass. If you are both in tune with each other on this level, you should each be doing the same thing. You may even find it better to pray at the same time in different churches when there isn’t a service happening. You can always talk to a local pastor together rather than going for expensive marriage counselling. This is one of the benefits of being a member of a church so don’t be afraid to book a meeting.




Help from yourselves


There may be certain things going on in the home that you would rather not have any of your friends or even family know. One of these things could be domestic abuse, and it could be a one-way or a two-way street. Certain churches are known to help couples going through such an order, such as the The Universal Church where they have helped 56,000 women who were victims of domestic abuse. They use their own rahab program which teaches both sexes about their roles on earth and how they can figure out their differences. They also have millions of activists that can reach out to you and give you advice on further action if you require it. For example if the first level of help isn’t working then you can opt into a deeper level of the program.


If you are a member of a church, you have access to a lot of people that can advise you about a struggling relationship. However some churches are better than others as they have more funding and workers to give their time to you.