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Increasing numbers of us are considering selling items online – we can see others raking in huge amounts of money from this sort of venture. But if you don’t want to go full on professional and set up your own website, it’s important to remember that there are a variety of different sales platforms out there that you can use, which are specially designed to make selling and generating a profit as fast and simple as possible. Here are just a few to consider!




Learning how to make an amazon seller account is relatively simple and once you’re set up and ready to sell, you can rest assured that your items will be showcased to Amazon’s huge number of users. Amazon tends to be best for those of us who have multiple brand new items to sell rather than one off second hand goods, but don’t worry – you don’t have to be a big time seller or a professional to sell on here!




Depop is a relatively new sales platform. It is downloaded as an app that can be used by buyers and sellers alike. It is essentially a combination of a Instagram style feed and sales tools which can allow people to buy whatever you happen to be posting pictures of. This is great, as people who are interested in what you have to offer can “follow” your page and get regular updates of anything new that you have to offer. People can comment on your posts if they want further information about an item, and you can easily hashtags that can direct people who don’t follow you to your page. If you’re lucky, your item might be featured on the app’s “explore” page, which means that it will be shared with hundreds of thousands of users who may be interested in purchasing! Depop charge a fee and all payments must be made through Paypal, which charges a fee too. But if you become a regular seller, this will all be more than worth it!




Etsy is a little different to other online marketplaces or sales platforms that you might have come across in the past – you are limited to selling vintage or handmade goods on here! This, of course, is relatively specialist and niche, a lot of people that sell on Etsy create a mirror Instagram page to advertise a little better and reach a larger audience, they then have their Etsy link in their bio, using bio link tools to allow more than one link within the bio could also be a great strategy to increase Etsy traffic as well as any other platform you wish to link also. But if you happen to be selling vintage or handmade goods, it could prove to be perfect for you! People will visit the site with intent of buying what you have to offer and they won’t have to sift through unassociated items to find you! Like eBay and Depop, you will have to pay a portion of your profits from each sale in order to use Etsy, but this can be stored up into a monthly bill which can be paid out down the line, rather than having it deducted from your takings straight away.


These are just three popular platforms that are available to anyone who wants to sell bits and bobs online! Consider the merits of each and determine which is best suited for what you have to offer, then set up and you’ll be making sales in next to no time!