San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities their is. We’re not going to say that it is a city that most people don’t visit when they go to the US, because they do. It’s up there with one of the most visited states, and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. But it’s not all about Alcatraz and the Golden gate bridge, there is definitely far more to it than that. If you go to San Francisco, you really are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll often find that people don’t get to visit the US, and if they do it’s because they’re going to Florida with the children! You’ll usually find that the age range of people visiting is older. Does that mean that it’s only suitable for older people? Hell no! There’s so much that the place can offer, and some of that we’re going to explore today!

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The Tours


If you’re looking for a place to go that has a lot of tours, then San Francisco is the place for you. There’s pretty much every tour under the sun depending on what you want to do. There’s the traditional tours that will take you to see all of the sights, but there’s a lot you won’t know about. For example, there’s haunted places in San Francisco that you can take a tour around, and we just know they’ll leave the hairs standing up on your skin. This one might appeal to more of you, but there’s also nightlife tours to take. Yes, the nightlife might not be as crazy as it is in place such as Miami, but San Francisco definitely does know how to party. If you were there for two weeks and went on a night tour on one of the nights, you could go on so many great nights out for the rest of the holiday!


The Fabulous Food


There so many different restaurants, cafes, smaller family owned restaurants, and bakeries that you could try out. One bakery that proves ever popular is the Devil’s Teeth Baking Company that is just yummy! Or if you wanted a nice dinner to try, there’s always the Foreign Cinema that won’t charge you a fortune, but will give you a super lovely meal! Other than that, we highly recommend you try some of the smaller owned restaurants that will give you some amazing dishes. Plus, it’s always good to help smaller businesses that are most likely being swamped by some of the bigger companies!


Japan Town

Japan town is definitely one of the lesser known places, probably because of its rival Chinatown. It’s weird because it’s just like stepping into a mini Japan. So if you prefer Japanese food or the culture, then this is definitely the place to go whilst you’re visiting! If you don’t, then you could always go to the more popular location of Chinatown! All we know is that you’ll be transported to another world if you go to either of them!