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There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to get yourself into better habits. Stepping into 2019 will be like opening a fresh blank page on a new chapter in the book of your life story! It also makes keeping track of progress easier, as you know that your good behaviour will date back to the first day of the first month of the year! This is why so many people come up with New Year’s Resolutions at this time. Now, rather than sticking to the traditional resolutions such as hitting the gym more or quitting a bad habit (or even better, alongside doing these things), why don’t you make your resolution to book in and keep up with regular recommended health checks. So many of us either fail to book appointments in. Even more of us book appointments in with good intentions, but don’t end up actually attending. Here are just a few to consider and stick to throughout 2019!

Eye Tests

You should have your eyes checked once every two years, but there’s no harm in checking in on an annual basis, especially as you get a little older. Booking in with an optometrist allows a professional to survey the overall health of your eye from front to back. They can also carry out tests which will determine whether your vision is up to scratch and whether you are becoming a little short sighted or a little long sighted. If any problems are identified, an appropriate course of treatment can be carried out, or your optometrist will be able to write out a prescription that will help to correct your vision.


Breast imaging, such as that carried out by Consulting Radiologists, Ltd, is a process that uses low-dose X-ray to identify abnormalities or issues with breast tissue. If you are any age, you can request screening privately. This is especially recommended if you have a family history of breast cancer or other illnesses, or if you notice changes in your breast tissue, such as lumps, new moles, or other changes in the texture of your skin and breasts. If you are aged between forty and forty four, you can request checks as a part of your usual healthcare checkup. If you are aged between forty five and fifty five, you should be booking in for an annual screening. The process is simple and you will be guided through each step.

Dental Check Ups

Dental checkups should really be an annual part of your routine. If you’re in the UK, you might want to consider going to someone like a NHS dentist Dental Perfection in Burton-on-Trent. They allow your dentist to take a look around the inside of your mouth, checking your teeth, gums, and tongue. They can take note of any cavities or other problems and can book you in for subsequent relevant treatment. They can also conduct a scale and polish, which will leave your pearly whites shining bright!

These are just a few checks that you may need to book in throughout the new year. Stick to them and you’ll be in much better condition in the long run!