When it comes to family fun with my kids I do a mixture of educational, adventurous, and just plain ole fun. We headed out to New Jersey to visit the Liberty Science Center.


This was our first time going and it won’t be our last. We got invited to a blogger breakfast where we were in the middle of a toilet paper blizzard and ate some delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (don’t try this at home).


What made this day more spectacular is that there are two new exhibits one is Doc McStuffins and the other was Sherlock Holmes.

The exhibits

Doc McStuffins

The exhibit through imaginative play and hands-on activities children learn important life lessons about health, wellness and compassion. By teaching about good hygiene, exercising and eating well in such an engaging way, we are showing kids that caring for themselves and for others can be fun. And, along the way, they will be learning about science. They get to put on doctor’s jackets, pick up a stethoscope and perform checkups. Just in time for winter break this exhibit will be here until January 27th.


Sherlock Holmes
Through this highly interactive exhibit you try to solve a murder mystery by looking at clues throughout the exhibit. Visitors will get to peek into the study where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his renowed detective stories before traveling to the bustling International Science Exhibition and 221B Baker Street. My kids enjoyed looking for clues and stamping the passport. By the end of the exhibit my son said that he is fascinated with forensic science.

We also saw a laser show in the planetarium that was done with holiday music. We saw a real bee colony, toured the skyscrapers, explored the world of germs and my favorite exhibit called Eaten or Be Eaten which is their mini-zoo featured fish from the New York waters, turtles, moles and more….You also get to pet some of the animals.

About Liberty Science Center
Liberty Science Center is a 300,000 square foot not for profit learning center. They have the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, 12 exhibition halls. a live animal collection with 110 species, giant aquariums, 3d theater, tornado wind simulator, k-12 classrooms and labs.

We had a jam packed fun filled day and I know that you will too! They also host cool birthday parties!

Tickets: $22.75 adult
$ 18.75 child