I would like to thank Bowlmor Lanes for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

As a kid I started bowling at the age of 9 my cousin use to take me to Yankee Stadium bowling alley. Things were a lot of different then there were no bright lights, no music, no disco ball, no bumpers and you had to tally your own score manually. Now that world is long and gone making bowling a fun activity for all. These days, you can find a bowling ball weight suitable for all type of people and anybody can have an amazing time at the bowling alley.

For our son’s birthday week one of the places we took him were the Bowlmor Lanes. Here are 5 reasons why Bowlmor is great entertainment for families:

  1. Bowling is for all ages
    Whether you are 4 or 94 with automatic bumpers that go up as you go for the most inexperienced bowler.
  2. Onsite Birthday Cake
    It was my son’s birthday week so we decided to turn it into a celebration you have the option of buying a cake onsite we brought a chocolate chip cake that was just the right size for 4 of us.
  3. Great Food
    No longer are the days of just getting a hotdog. Bowlmor have an array of various foods to chose along with a kids menu and you don’t have to bowl and be hungry another great feature is that you can order right from the screens in front of you.
  4. Great Exercise
    Believe it or not bowling is a form of exercise it gets kids out of the house and helps develop strength in their arms, learning how to balance a ball and throw in the right direction. Did you know that just 3 games burn about the same amount of calories as walking a mile.
  5. Encourages Social Skills
    We live in a digital age where children are into gadgets it’s refreshing to see kids interacting without screens in front of their faces. It teaches kids how to take turns and work together as a team.

For more info visit www.Bowlmor.com