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What Could Make Your Air Compressor Fail: The 4 Main Causes

What Could Make Your Air Compressor Fail: The 4 Main Causes
Often times, when temperatures rise in your space, your air compressor becomes your favorite machine whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. The compressor forms the heart of the system that serves to relieve you from the high temperatures. But the compressor, being a machine, can fail due to different reasons, and this could cause a big dent in your finances. The following are 4 of the major causes. Please read on.

1. Lack or Insufficient Maintenance
Regular preventive maintenance is very essential to any machine, and your air compressor is not an exception. Lack of a maintenance schedule for your compressor could give rise to problems that can easily spread before you can even notice them. It could be something as simple as an Everbilt cap nut got loose and caused havoc, or it could be something much bigger. Some of these problems could’ve easily been rectified if they would’ve been discovered much earlier. For instance, if
you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can remedy such problems like dirt buildup and gradual wear-down of sensitive parts in the system if you frequently and regularly inspect your compressor. There are several platforms such as the Able Sales where you can find quality air compressors that can save you the hassle of having to constantly be repairing or replacing some parts in the

2. Too Little or Too Much Refrigerant
The compressor system requires enough refrigerant in order to cool the space adequately and prevent icing up. But in a circumstance where a leak occurs in the system, there will be a drop in the level of the refrigerant. This will make your air compressor to overwork to pump a significant amount of the refrigerant through the system. Too much refrigerant is also not good
for the compressor as it will result in an increase in the operating temperatures and pressures. These scenarios cause strain to the compressor and can lead to premature failure. Fortunately, you can remedy this failure if you have the right tools and equipment to check and control the level of lubricant in the system.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils
Dirt, scales, grime, and dust can build up on the condenser coil, limiting the heat transfer. This will force your air compressor to cycle continuously as it tries to eject the heat to cool your space. Both the temperature and pressure will build up and cause the compressor to overheat and may end up failing. This could be affected by the location where you’ve housed your
compressor – in crawl spaces, on rooftops, or outdoors.

4. Electrical Problems
Electrical problems could result due to a number of factors such as worn or damaged fuses, terminals, wires or poor connectors. And in the event of an electrical failure of the compressor motor, a build-up of acids can result in the system and may end up causing more damage to other machines or parts plus the compressor. The quality of your compressor could greatly
impact the frequency and probability of such electrical problems.


Compressors, just like any other machine can fail due to a number of reasons: electrical problems, insufficient maintenance, too little/too much refrigerant, and dirty coils among other causes. Such failures can severely shorten the life of your air compressor and you’ll have suffered a great loss. Luckily, these failures can easily be rectified if discovered much earlier, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast.

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