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Mental health is a really important issue right now. So many people are suffering n numbers we have never seen before, particularly when it comes to depression. The stats say that approximately 16.2 million adults in the USA will have suffered a major depressive episode in the last year alone! That is a staggering amount of suffering!

In order to effectively deal with depression and hopefully see an improvement in one’s symptoms, it is important to know what the root cause might be – if indeed there is one because some depression is purely chemical. This can be quite difficult to do because there are some very surprising causes of depression other than the common ones such as trauma, grief and money worries, for example, which may surprise you… With this being said, it comes as no surprise to find that some people suffering from depression may opt to visit a dispensary like Green Health Docs in St Joseph (if you live in and around this area of Missouri), to see whether they can find a solution to managing their symptoms effectively.


Most people have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD as it is more commonly known, but most of us associate it with becoming more depressed during the winter months when it is dark and cold. However, it is possible to suffer from SAD in the summer months too. It is thought that under 1 percent of people who suffer from SAD sufferin the summer, but if you find yourself feeling blue at this time of year, it may be something worth exploring. Some enjoy weed delivery around this time of year to help combat the symptoms.

Thyroid Disease

This is thankfully becoming more well-known, but many people are still surprised to hear that their depression could actually be being caused by thyroid disease rather than chemicals in the brain or some other purely mental cause.

When the thyroid is not functioning correctly it can screw with your serotonin levels and this can make you feel very depressed indeed. If you are suffering from depression, it’s always worth checking whether you are experiencing any symptoms of hyperthyroidism too, and if so raising that as a concern with your physician.

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Stomach Issues

If you suffer from stomach issues and you have also suffered periods of depression, it may be worth seeing a good gastroenterologist because many studies have shown a link between gut flora and depression. The way you eat and the bacteria that can be found in your stomach can have a real impact on how you feel because the gut and the brain are very tightly linked indeed. It’s also a good reason to clean up your diet and eat primarily wholefoods, as well as plenty of probiotics, if you can.

Birth Control

Again, this is more well-known than it once was, but a lot of ladies still do not realize that their choice of birth control could be affecting their moods and their health in a negative way. If you take hormonal contraceptives, some of those hormones could cause an imbalance in yur body which could lead to mood swings, depression and anxiety amongst other things. If you’ve noticed a change in your mood after starting birth control, talk to your gynecologist about changing to a different medication, It may be all you need to do to feel well again.

Depression has many causes and it may take a while for you to find out which one(s) are applicable to you, but there is help out there, so seek it!