5 Need-to-Know Hair Care Tips Everybody Should Practice Daily

If your daily hair care routine is causing hair thinning or breakage, then it might be time for you to change what you’re doing. If you want to have great hair, then you have to start with excellent
hair care habits. If you are looking to get rid of your dull, dry, and unhealthy locks, start by following these five need-to-know hair care tips today.

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo
One of the most crucial steps for keeping your hair healthy starts with using a sulfate-free shampoo on a daily basis, or at least every other day. Sulfates are detergents that are in many commercial shampoos, and they can strip your hair of essential oils, according to the site LiveStrong, as well as irritate the skin. Over time, sulfate can weaken your hair follicles, which will leave your hair susceptible to breakage and make it appear thin. A sulfate-free shampoo will gently clean your hair and scalp and will provide the right environment for healthy growth.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner
Conditioners work in much the same way as a face moisturizer. Conditioner creates a seal of natural emollients that help to nourish and hydrate your hair throughout the day. This helps to
make it shinier, healthier, and more resilient to damage. When your hair has a healthy moisture level it becomes more manageable and more pliable, and can hold a style better, says Cinya
Burton, a writer for the site Beautylish. To hair smooth and shiny, you should start using a leave- in conditioner once a week.

Minimize Breakage
There are many ways that you can help to minimize breakage with your hair. If you have long hair, you want to avoid pulling back. If you do need to pull it back, make sure you use a hair tie
that is specifically designed to be gentle. When you get out of the shower, rather than rubbing and wringing your hair dry with a towel, try blotting it with a soft t-shirt instead. When your hair is
wet, it is much more fragile and more prone to breakage. To keep from damaging damp hair, you can use a wide tooth comb. Start combing through the ends and work your way up toward
the roots when detangling.

Eat a Hair Healthy Diet
Your diet can play a significant role in helping you achieve thicker, healthier hair. Your hair is mainly made up of protein, so if you want to keep your hair healthy, then you need to include protein-rich foods in your diet. If you have a vitamin deficiency, you could have substantial hair loss, so taking a multi-vitamin daily for hair restoration, can help keep your locks from thinning and ultimately regrow your hair.

Avoid Heat When Possible
Even though you may love your hot styling tools like your hair dryer, flat iron, or hot rollers, they can quickly damage your hair. To avoid split ends, consider giving up the heat a few times a
week. Your favorite styling tools can weaken and damage your hair, which results in breakage and dry, dull strands. If you can’t go without your heated styling tools, make sure you use a heat
protectant spray. Keeping your hair healthy isn’t a difficult task to take on. With these five need-to-know hair care tips you can start enjoying fuller, shinier, healthier looking hair in no time.