The New Year comes with a flurry of expectations for fresh starts, and resolutions to break bad habits and revitalize goals we’ve lost track of for far too long. When beginning to set your goals
for 2019, be thoughtful when prioritizing what deserves the majority of your attention, energy, and dedication. Throughout the holiday season, it can be easier to carve out time for family, loved ones, and God. The most wonderful time of year provides us with countless reasons to celebrate and intentionally give thanks for the blessings He has given us. Don’t let your closeness to family, loved ones, and God stop just because the holiday spirit has died down. Let these tips inspire you to make family and faith a priority in the New Year.

Tackle faith-based goals as a family
Building your relationship with faith doesn’t need to just be a personal goal. Your entire family can benefit from becoming closer to God and this in turn can make your household a stronger one. Additionally, pursuing a deeper understanding of faith together will allow you to do so without having to place family bonding as a second priority. Make building faith a family activity. If you’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible, aim to follow a Bible reading plan and have your entire family follow along. Most Bible reading guides aim for a passage a night- use this as an opportunity to read together as a family. Encourage your children to get involved by reading aloud! Taking a moment to discuss the passage after
and understand its greater meaning for your lives will help your family interact closely with faith.

Schedule weekly “dates”
In the midst of your kids returning to school after holiday vacation and your own work schedule getting back on track, enjoying spontaneous family time can simply be impossible. Be intentional about carving out regular time each week to touch base as a family and do something fun! Take time each week to exercise as a family. There are so many benefits that physical activity can contribute to the development of your household’s bond. Make your family time a priority by scheduling a walk each Wednesday or attending a weekly exercise or sports class at your local recreational center. If you’re looking to relax after a long day, cozy up on the couch for a family movie night. Reignite your faith while reconnecting with your loved ones with inspiring Christian movies! Prioritize faith further by discussing the movie’s message with your family.

Create an unplugged day
For many, Sunday is God’s day. Be intentional about giving both Him and your family your full attention by turning off technology. Getting rid of distractions will help you be present during
church service. After church, fill any time you would have spent on your phone or watching TV on activities that provide a deeper satisfaction. If your church does after service activities, encourage your family to participate. Perhaps there are charitable events that your church is associated with, allowing your family the opportunity to dedicate one day to faith as well as
giving back. With your technology on silent, take the opportunity to reconnect with your family though off-screen activities. Make a home cooked meal to share or cozy up at a local cafe for a hot drink. Create opportunities to talk about your week and what you’re most looking forward to this year.

Be intentional about making faith a routine
If prioritizing faith in your family’s life is a goal you’re passionate about, make it an integrated part of your life. If you make your interactions with God and faith a regular part of your family’s daily routine, you’ll surely feel your relationship grow stronger. Start small, by simply including morning and nightly prayers into your routine. Starting and ending each day showing God thanks for all that He does is an energizing way to demonstrate your faith in Him and His abilities. Being intentional about praying as a family will help you deepen your faith in the loving bond your household is built on.