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Dip Station Exercises For Moms

The Dip Station is courtesy of ProsourceFit in exchange for my honest opinion

I have two kids and as a mom I can’t always get to the gym. Before kids I always use to work out in undergraduate school I did Yoga and in graduate school I did more weight training but with the kids my energy level is not the same. My passion for working out is there but I can’t get a babysitter to watch my kids while I go to the gym so I have set up a home gym using Beach body and home workout equipment like dipping station. I have some beginner exercises that I do on my dip station. Dip stations help me as well because I have pain in my back from a car accident.

What are the benefits of using dip stations? Some of the benefits include muscle engagement, strength, flexibility, compact and versatile.

Exercise One: Push-ups

Instead of doing a push-up on the floor you can use the bar to do push ups which I like because it helps me keep my alignment.

Exercise Two: Knee-ups

I don’t know about you but I don’t like doing crunches, Knee-ups are easy on my back.

Exercise Three: Pull-ups

Pull-ups are great for upper body strength. The dip station gives you the opportunity to perform pull-ups without having to put equipment on your door. If you are looking to purchase a dip station you can purchase yours here.

I also use Team Beachbody workout videos, Kettle bells, Bosu Ball and free weights. Don’t think because you can no longer go to the gym that you are not able to workout. Moms you can work out at home and look great!!!!

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