It’s very easy to feel lost and alone during our time on this sphere that’s floating through space. However, with faith in your heart, you’ll never feel truly alone. Not only does it allow us to connect with God, but it also helps us connect with each other.  


Religion is blamed as the main source of global conflicts. In reality, though, money is the root of all evil. At a human level, people and communities can be united by their faith or even through the shared ideologies of different faiths. There needn’t be a huge divide by people, even when you follow different practices. After all, the common goal is to live your best life while helping your fellow man.  


Faith can bring different meanings to everyone, but letting God into your heart will truly bring light to your life. In many ways, your relationship with God and your faith is a personal journey. Still, you can take great comfort in knowing that millions around the world are on a similar path.   


It’s easy to forget that faith is felt by people around the world. But reminding yourself about the importance of faith around the world soon helps you rediscover the spark. Organizations like Iglesia Universal show how faith unites people around the world. Do not be afraid to seek comfort or participation.


Even the faith-centric traditions like Christmas festivities show the impact that faith can have in our lives. Let’s face it; everybody becomes a little nicer at this time of the year, and we become more charitable too. Focusing on those sentiments throughout the year will help you gain a far deeper appreciation of people around you. Moreover, the internal rewards are truly incredible.


Faith certainly brings us closer in those moments of celebration, and showing a gratitude for this is vital. However, faith is perhaps at its most powerful when times are tough. Even those that ignore their faith for 99% of their lives will pray for good health and changing fortunes when things go wrong. In your life, you can seek support from local faith authorities when those situations occur in your life.   


Or you can also take great comfort from merely reading the Bible or meditating in a way that connects you to your faith. As a good citizen (religious or not) being there for people in need should be on the agenda too. A little effort goes a long way to restoring a person’s faith, whether that be in God or life in general.


Whether you feel a need to reconnect with God with a trip to the Sistine Chapel, or you merely need to let the light back into your daily life doesn’t matter. Faith is one of the few constants in our lives. And it’s something that can enhance our lives on a personal level as well as in connection with others around the world. While this is a post about faith, I don’t want to bombard you with bible passages. Instead, I’ll leave you with the words of Bono:


“One love. We get to share it. Leaves you baby, if you don’t care for it.”