Bathroom furniture is some of the most complex furniture people buy. Unlike for other rooms in the house, homeowners and renters often have very specific spatial and functional requirements. They want to get the most use out of the smallest amount of space. Furniture has to fit around existing furniture like a puzzle-piece and must fit a bathroom storage plan. Beyond functionality, bathroom furniture must match the colour and motif of a bathroom. Traditional pieces will not fit with a modern bathroom, nor will the alternative match. Many people decide to include shower glass in their design because it matches with a lot of modern bathroom furniture to have flexible decor. With all of these very specific requirements in place, stocking a wide variety of styles, finishes, and sizes are essential for furniture distributors. These are the four best places to find the best furniture for your bathroom.

Unique Vanities

Unique Vanities has a wide variety of bathroom furniture. Browse at Unique Vanities for a wide selection of sizes and styles, including filters for modern, rustic, and traditional pieces that can match any colour scheme or motif. Unique Vanities offers single-sink vanities, double-sink vanities, floating vanities, narrow depth, and linen cabinets. It can also meet your plumbing needs and offers faucets, bathtubs, and toilets along with its extensive vanity collection. If you find a vanity you like but aren’t keen on the faucets, you can always change them to Anzzi features or any other features you’ve found. You just have to visualize the vanity in the bathroom and see if it brings the room together.

Duravit specializes in modern pieces perfectly suited to a minimalist bathroom suite. Its Scandinavian designers provide precision pieces with exceptional functionality and integrated solutions. While there is not a wide selection of designs and styles, for those looking for sleek and modern furniture will find an abundance of furniture pieces to suit their needs. Those with more extreme colour schemes or in search of rustic or traditional pieces would be better-placed to begin their search elsewhere.

Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware sells bathroom furniture to a luxury lifestyle market. It collaborates with artisan designers from around the world to produce high-quality rugs, furniture, bathware, lighting, windows, and outdoor patio furniture. Many of Restoration Hardware’s pieces feature rare materials, refashioned and restored into custom and bespoke furniture pieces. If you are looking for a specific material, for example, a Russian oak vanity unit or marble washbasin, you will likely find it among the Restoration Hardware collection.

Kohler is a one-stop destination for your kitchen and bathroom furniture needs. From purchasing pieces to buying guides, floor plan resources, steam generator tools, and colour and finish samples to finding a contractor or renovator who can help with your remodel, Kohler is a handy assistant in the bathroom remodel process. Kohler’s latest ranges are fully smart home compatible, making it a favourite among technology lovers looking to add some modern flair to their bathroom designs. Perfect fill sinks automatically turn off taps when a specific water level is reached. Heated toilet seats add comfort, and voice-activated shower heads mean you can get the shower running without leaving your bed in the morning. These four locations can meet your bathroom needs no matter what your preferred style, size requirements, and functional preferences. Whether you want a sleek modern piece, a traditional vanity which oozes character, or a smart, tech-laden shower built for convenience and comfort, these furniture distributors have your remodel covered.