I don’t know about you but my kids love sweets. I loved sweets as a child and I have the cavities to prove it. What can I say when you know better you do better. I found a great product that your kids will enjoy and moms you don’t have to feel guilty about your kids eating sugar. Why? Because it’s sweet and fruits and called fruity jerky. The great thing about fruit jerky is that it only has two ingredients with the two ingredients being the fruits and that’s it. How could I not try this?

About the product

Solely Fruit Jerky brings a whole new meaning to the term clean eating. They created a real fruit bite with the fewest possible ingredients to replace sugar filled, highly processed snacks. With one whole organic fruit, per strip we re-thought every step of the process we believe that there is always a better way and that the foods we eat and feed our families should be simple, clean and transparent from start to finish. Solely strips are made from recognizable ingredients such as banana, pecan, mango and pineapple. Our grab n go packaging is designed to make healthy eating more convenient for your busy life!


My kids enjoy of the taste as it reminds them of their favorite fruit the ones they like are organic banana mango, organic pineapple, and organic mango. They come is to go packaging so they eat them on the go at school as a snack. If you are looking to make sure your kids eat as healthy as possible fruit jerky is something you would want to try.

You can find fruit jerky at 365 by Whole Food Supermarket, select Sprouts Farmers and many more retailers coming soon! For more info visit solely.com and you can also find them on Amazon.