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Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint

***I was provided paint by Modern Masters. All opinions are my own***

I was excited to do a Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint. Every summer I try to revamp the front of my house. We use to have trees we removed them and made the front yard concrete.Recently, we changed our front steps to brick and granite.

Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint

The color we chose is passionate. The paint applied on smoothly. The instructions say you will need two coats of paint. After the first coat of paint wait for two hours before you apply the next coat.

Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint

The one thing I should have done is prep the door so I highly recommend that you wash the door down to remove any particles that may dry up on the floor (hint hint). Then you take some tape and cover up the areas you don’t want painted. It took me two days to complete to paint both sides of the door. At first I was just going to paint the front door but the next day decided to paint the whole door. You can easily complete this in one day.


Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint

Review of Modern Master Front Door Paint

What I thought about the paint

The paint was simple to apply. It was quick drying and most importantly there no no smell which is great because paint smell can give me a headache. I had a great time reviewing Modern Masters Front Door Paint.  They have many colors to chose from the colors are listed below.

If you want an easy way to revamp your front door try Modern masters Front Door Paint you won’t be disappointed!


Have you used Modern Masters Front Door Paint? If so I would love to see a picture. Tag me in your picture or post in the comment section.





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