One never stops studying the Bible. You will always discover a new chapter or a verse that will change your outlook in life or shift your value system. You should always turn to the Book to find your way around life, or before difficult decisions. Whenever you feel like you need spiritual uplifting, motivation, or guidance, your Bible will be handing you the answer. Below you can read a few tips on how to make the most out of interpreting the Scriptures.

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Spend at least an hour a week sitting down and reading the Bible, focusing on the problems you are dealing with at the moment. You might be fighting a battle with illness or relationships, and looking for guidance. No matter what your situation is, you will need to learn how to clear your mind before you read the Scriptures and focus on the deeper meaning of the words and parables.


When you are feeling weak and powerless, you will be able to find a story in the Bible you can reflect on. No matter if you feel like you are on a mindset journey, trying to fight negativity, or are dealing with loss, you can reflect on your situation reading the Bible. You might even use an online version that allows you to find the right verses for your situation, using advanced search technology.

Apply the Quotes to Situations

When you feel like you cannot see the way forward, try to find the right quote for the situation. The beauty of the Bible is that it speaks directly to you, but you have to learn to listen. Don’t just read the text, but search for a situation in your life you could apply it to, so you can become a better Christian and servant of God.


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To go into the deeper meaning of the Bible and really understand what is going on and what God is trying to tell you, it might be a good idea to meditate. There are plenty of mindfulness exercises you can learn online, or you could even join a group online to discuss the meditation methods at The Universal Church website. Listening to your reaction and inner voice will take you closer to God and help you reveal your true purpose in life.

Join Bible Discussion Communities

It is a good idea to see other people’s reflections on the same text, and there are several Bible study groups online you can join, so you can interpret the Scriptures from different perspectives. Other people in the group might notice something you have missed, and help you understand the meaning of the sacred text better. Many of the communities are not related to one or another church, and they are happy to accept anyone, even those who are not going to church every week, but are curious.


The Bible is full of secrets, and every time you read a verse, it will have a different meaning for you. Learn to interpret the deeper message and apply faith in your personal life every day.