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It starts every April the coughing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat. It takes her to the doctor and they tell me to give her children’s allergy medicine ( over the counter) can I tell you that none of it worked. As a holistic mom I try my best not to give them a lot of over the counter medication but rather I give my children a lot of vitamins.

After trying all of the over the counter medications I decided to give her some holistic remedies a try (disclaimer, I am not a doctor). Can I shout because it worked.

Here are some of the remedies that I used:

  1. Honey- Using local raw honey contains pollen therefore desensitizing the immune system.
  2. Nasal Spray- helps to clear nasal passages from congestion
  3. Humidifier- My daughter coughs at night an humidifier helps to moisten the air
  4. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief-helps to temporarily relieve minor symptoms of itching, burning, watering, redness and stimulates the body’s natural defenses.


About Similac

Similasan is originally from Switzerland, they are committed to providing temporary relief of symptoms the natural way by engaging the body’s defenses to support the immune system. All of their products contain high quality ingredients that help naturally relieve symptoms of common ailments in the eyes, nose, chest, and more. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief is made with natural active ingredients like Eyebright flower and Sabadilla Lily to stimulate the body’s natural defenses against allergy symptoms. Both are flowers , therefore they are plant based.

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