Every divorce is different, but there are steps that everyone should be familiar with. All of the parties involved will have to do their part so that a divorce goes smoothly. Just like the original marriage contract, divorce is something that requires a team effort. KMFamilyLaw.com can be a
helpful part of that team when you decide to take steps towards a divorce. Divorce is not the low point in your life, it is simply a new beginning.

Don’t Obsess Over The Why
Getting caught up with the specifics of the why will only makes things hard. The moment you give in to the blame game, it becomes impossible to remain impartial during a divorce. You have to keep a clear head and remind yourself that the divorce is final, and blaming yourself won’t undo it. Think of it as a phase of your life that is ending. There is nothing wrong with putting stock into the good times. But living in the past during a divorce will only tug at your heartstrings
in the most complicated way.

Have You Done Everything On Your End?
What have you done to prevent the divorce? There are plenty of times where a couple sits down with a lawyer only to decide that they want to stay together. Instead of throwing time and money away, decide whether the divorce was inevitable. If there is nothing else that can be done from your end, then that should be enough to make a decision. The capability of a spouse to do their part is out of your hands. That means if you’ve done everything humanly possible and they still
refuse to meet you halfway, then it is time to get a divorce.

Lawyer Up
A lot of the most important questions about divorce will be answered by lawyers. Get an attorney asap for your own peace of mind. The most important thing they will do is prevent you from making the many mistakes that future divorced couples make with assets. They can also highlight weak points in your case that need to be addressed. A lawyer is considered mandatory when children are involved, and this is also where it gets complicated. Your actions leading up to a divorce can and will affect the turnout of a divorce case. Use the advice of a professional so that you are in a good position to come out on top.

File A Petition
Someone has to file the petition, and it is best that it comes from your end first. Even if the divorce is amicable, the petition still has to be filed by either you or your spouse. Finality is the main reason you want to be the first to get out a petition. This is a word that couples will hear a lot when going through a divorce. The hard part about the petition is that even when it’s expected, no one is really prepared for it. You should be prepared for pushback or delay tactics
after filing a petition for divorce. There is no guarantee you’ll meet resistance, but it is still a good idea to be ready.

The Temporary Order Will Sustain You
The petition allows for a temporary order to be put in place when needed. This sets the tone for the present financial support and later on for financial support after a divorce. Getting the petition out first, and early will make it much easier for you to dictate the terms on both of these.
For many, temporary support is the only source of income that they’ll have until the divorce is finalized. Without the petition and temporary order, you will miss out on vital financial support through the divorce process.

Don’t Drain The Accounts
When divorce is on the horizon, some people go into panic mode with their assets. No matter what side you’re on, it is illegal to drain accounts and assets before and after a divorce. Hiding finances is just as illegal as draining accounts. Liquidating assets so they don’t show up in the divorce proceedings is also frowned upon, and can cost you dearly. Instead of thinking about what you will lose, think about the time and peace of mind you’ll gain. With this type of thinking,
you leave it up to your spouse to make a financial mistake. If this happens, you will have the upper hand in a divorce.

Negotiate In Good Faith
Going face to face with your soon to be ex-spouse while angry is not a good idea. Things will be said in the heat of the moment that will cause both sides to stall. A lawyer can only do so much mediating before it needs to go to court. Don’t give up too much, and don’t get fleeced by trying to fast track the divorce. There is a delicate balance to it all, and it depends on your willingness to keep emotions in check. Before you even get to the point of mediation, having all of the
papers in order is mandatory. Use your free time to go over the specifics instead of thinking about your anger with the divorce.

Keep The Children Out Of The Crossfire
Your children are the victims of this divorce, not the spoils. Keep a close eye on their feelings through the divorce without badmouthing your spouse. It can be tempting to say something when custody is on the line, but remember that it always gets back to your ex. Judges have revisited child custody verdicts when a parent shows signs of verbal or physical abuse. This includes behavior that turns children against the other parent in order to achieve favoritism.
Despite what goes on with a divorce, always keep your parent switch on at one hundred percent.

Wrap Up
Don’t rush through the divorce process and everything should go as planned. The length of the marriage will not determine the ease at which a divorce is granted. It’s always a struggle to make everyone happy, so don’t get discouraged by the process. With the right frame of mind,
there can be winners on both sides.