Differences between Five Fillers Used for Bean Bag Furniture
Bean bag furniture has come a long way from flimsy children and teen chairs. Chairs, loungers, body pillows for the floor, and ottomans are now available for kids and adults in many sizes, shapes, and materials. Waterproof furniture now exists to be used outdoors and as spare beds for unexpected company.

Traditional bean bag chairs were designed for one person to use at a time. Some were small for kids while there were larger ones available for teens and college students. Adult sizes range from two-feet to eight-feet in size in different shapes. Couches, for example, can hold up to six adults comfortably and loveseat styles are ideal for couples. Loungers and pillows can accommodate one or two adults or three or four kids depending on the size of both the furniture and the people sharing it. Another component that dictates how many people can enjoy a bean bag at once is the material with which the furniture is filled.

Memory Foam
There are five types of fillers that can be placed into two categories. The first category is memory foam, which consists of two different types. Shredded memory foam is randomly sized pieces of foam in different shapes, like the filler found in foam bag products. The other type of memory foam available is a fresh polyurethane memory sponge that is non- toxic and order free. These pieces are more consistent in shape and size for a firmer base. The benefits of these fillers include zero pressure points on the body and more durability than beans or pellets.

Standard polystyrene beans are generic and will incur the least amount of cost to refill when it is time to extend the life of the furniture. These are lightweight so furniture can be moved with easy. The caveats with generic beans is that they can create divots in the furniture and go flat faster than any other option.
One-hundred percent recyclable polystyrene beans are smaller than generic ones and offer denser cushioning that is more comfortable. This type of bean will provide better support and not flatten as quickly as the lower quality generic beans. The recyclable beans are inexpensive when purchased online for high quality at the best pricing.


Polypropylene plastic pellets are the fifth type of bean bag filler. These pellets are high in density and heavier than the other four choices. They are ideal for small pieces of furniture, such as junior chairs for kids. Depending on the size of the furniture, this may not be the best choice for adult sized bean bag items. People setting up a living room with large pieces of furniture may prefer items to be weighted down. In these cases, pellets are suitable fillers.

Health Benefits
Bean bag furniture offers health benefits that cannot be experienced in regular furniture. Contouring to the body provides complete spinal support for users in any position. This cannot be accomplished in standard couches and chairs without pillows and pressure points. Bean bag chairs are also associated with the alleviation of headaches, muscle and joint pain, and tension in the neck and shoulders.
Finding the right filler that is suitable for you and members of the family is the key to getting maximum comfort and enjoyment out of bean bag furniture. Consider support levels, weight, cost, and durability when selecting an original filler and replacement fillers for these attractive and affordable pieces.