It is obvious that you don’t deliberately set out to have an accident in your car but when you consider that thousands of people all over the world suffer a fatal crash on a daily basis it makes sense to drive with a level of awareness of this potential threat. As well as fatal crashes there are also plenty of collisions on our roads every day too, and firms like are always busy handling compensation claims for injuries, so you might want to be mindful of this problem every time you get behind the wheel.

Here are some preventative steps you can take to help you avoid a collision.

Use the fast lane sparingly
All the while you are traveling in the fast lane you are probably increasing your chances of being involved in an accident.

A large percentage of highway accidents occur in the fast lane and it is probably not that much of a surprise when you consider that you will be driving at a greater speed when you are keeping up with other cars in this lane.

It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration or someone to lose control of their vehicle and you could find yourself in a very difficult situation, traveling at speed and few options to avoid a collision.

In comparison, if you are driving in the middle lane of a highway you have more options to avoid a collision.

Drive defensively
It is always a good idea to adopt a defensive mindset when driving your car, which means trying to anticipate potential problems and being ready to take evasive action.

There are so many potential issues to contend with, such as another vehicle being driven erratically, but if you are prepared for a dangerous scenario to unfold, you should then be ready to get out of the way if that potential hazard becomes a reality. Unfortunately, dangerous scenarios can unfold in the blink of an eye and sometimes it can be difficult to determine who’s fault it is when an accident occurs. If an accident does happen, it’s important to find a lawyer who is well educated in road collision law. Jonesboro car accident lawyer is just one example of a lawyer who specializes in road traffic accidents. These specialty lawyers have a great understanding of the road laws and will know how to deal with each individual case as no case will ever be the same, but hopefully, drivers can avoid causing accidents.

Get your driving position right
It is surprising to discover how many drivers don’t seem to pay too much attention to their driving position, and positioning your seat correctly can make a big difference to how much control you have, so it is something that needs to be right.

If you make the effort to get your driving position right and give yourself good access to all of the controls, this should improve your odds of avoiding a collision.

You want to be close enough to the wheel that you can rest your wrist on top of the steering wheel with ease while your arm is stretched out and your back is supported by the back of your seat.

Getting your seat position right allows you to maneuver your car away from danger more easily.

Pay attention to the characteristics of your car

Whenever you drive a different car you probably notice how different it feels and drives to your own regular vehicle.

Every car has a different set of characteristics and capabilities.

Get to know how good your brakes are what the handling is like, as this knowledge will come in handy in an emergency situation.

Don’t ignore maintenance issues

If you skip service schedules and ignore maintenance issues it could be a decision you regret when your car doesn’t respond as it should do in an emergency scenario, or it develops a mechanical fault that puts you in danger.

Keep your car in good condition and it should look after you better.

These are all simple but effective measures to follow and they really could make all the difference to your ability to stay safe on the road.