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Laughter is good for the soul. I remember buying Laffy Taffy as a kid and reading the jokes one by one and laughing even if the joke wasn’t that funny. Bonding with your family over humor is something money can’t buy — it is truly priceless.

My grandfather was the jokester in the family.

Whenever there was an opportunity to make someone laugh he did. There was one time when he made a joke about a monkey in a tree it wasn’t very funny but we laughed for days when he passed away I remember those moments of getting together and laughing over jokes and whenever I feel down I think of those moments. When I watch my kids with their father and how my kids share jokes with their dad I reminisce and know they too will have some good dad joke memories.

 Laffy Taffy has been around for years and they understand laughter is good for the soul. Those jokes have brought my family together that’s why I partnered up with Laffy Taffy and to celebrate dads and their groan-tasting jokes.


Between now and June 21st, send in your favorite dad jokes for a chance to win one of 5 Amazon prize packs valued at $2,000.

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