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We live in a technology age where everything we do is on the computer we have information thrown at us every second it becomes hard to focus. If it’s hard for me as an adult to focus what do you think children go through?

It’s important to stay focused my son does have the tendency to drift off when in school and gets angry easily. In order to calm him down his teacher encouraged breathing techniques and I make him sit by himself and do journaling about how he feels. With the help of Zafooz it encourages mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of and paying attention to the present moment and accepting your feelings and sensations. I mentioned my son because instead of dealing with his emotions he would lash out and get angry his teacher would tell him to count to ten to calm down. This is where Zafooz comes in he would squeeze it and count to calm down and not let his emotions get the best of him. He also sleeps with it at night.

My daughter is a cryer. She will cry uncontrollably when hurt by peers I am teacher her to control her emotions by counting and calming down.

Some of the activities the Zafooz encourages is mindful breathing:

  • Use Zafooz as a seat
  • Have them take deep breaths and I have my daughter say I am in control over my emotions

About Zafooz

Zafooz, created by Metta Creations, LLC is committed to helping young people learn to connect and nurture themselves through daily mindfulness practives that help shape their worldview through the eyes of patience, love and kindness. All Zafooz designs have sweet, peaceful faces to remind children that it is safe to slow down and go within. By encouraging our youth to sit in a brief daily mindfulness practice, the creator of Zafooz hopes to tap into the social and emotional skills children need to live a well balanced life.

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