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Teaching your kids right from wrong does not start when they are eighteen it starts when they are babies. When you teach them not to touch the stove or not to hit others you are training them to stay away from danger. While every child is different because we are not all born the same even identical twins have different personalities. There isn’t a one size fits all but Aditi Wardhan Singh helps us apply some practical ideas to raising responsible and mature kids. As I read this book I thought about my own parenting techniques and we have a lot in common in child rearing. There are many valuable lessons to learn in this book. Her book is not geared towards one group but I also see this book as a great reading for a parenting discussion group.

Great quotes from the book:

  • You cannot stop your little ones from growing up and walking into the big bad world but you can create within them the strength to face it. Every challenge, every fear.
  • Seeing you live a wholesome life, being productive in your working hours and your down time even, is inspiring your child in every way.
  • The best lessons are learned in the simplest of life’s messy, unplanned moments.
  • Listening is important if you are to be an advocate on your child’s behalf.

We also have to realize our parenting comes from how we were raised and it’s ok to do something different. For example, in my household we ate pork, seafood but in our household for religious and health reasons we no longer eat pork. I like this book because it offers practical advice, not limited to one group of people, teaches parents to look and take care of themselves first.

Book Chapters

  • Empower your parenthood
  • Channel Big Emotions
  • Discipline Through Karma
  • Imbibe Multilinguism
  • Motivate Self-Reliance
  • Cultivate Talent Within
  • Ignite Curious Learning
  • Impart Self Control
  • Balance Technology
  • Instill Gender Equality
  • Foster Friendships
  • Counter Bullying
  • Beware of Predators
  • Prepare for Tragedies
  • Infuse your Heritage
  • Mantras for Travel
  • Ingrain Racial Equality
  • Raise World Children

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About the author

Featured on CBS and NBC, Aditi Wardhan Singh is an authoritative voice on cultural sensitivity and empowerment. Published on numerous publications like Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Richmond Family Magazine, Desh Videsh Magazine etc., she has also coauthored the bestselling book “When You’re DONE Expecting”. She is the founder of RWC, a leading global magazine where she encourages diverse voices to come together in creating unique resources, so parents everywhere can raise universal thought leaders. Be a part of the RWC village by subscribing to RaisingWorldChildren.com