I boarded the Carnival Sunrise for the first time with the kids. When me and my husband went on a cruise it was with Royal Caribbean and because it was just us there were things we didn’t think about when packing but when you have kids there are some cruise essentials you will need and I want to share that with you.

1.Waterproof Phone Case– We loved this phone case we were able to take pictures underwater as well as keep important document.

2.Waterproof Beach Bag– This is a great beach bag it is large and holds your items without getting wet.

3/4.Kids Swimsuits Whatever you do don’t forget your kids swimsuits! Unfortunately, I forgot my son’s swim trunks and to my surprise they do not sell kids swimwear on the cruise boat we had to wait until we got to Bermuda to only have to pay $29.99 for kids swim trunks.

5. Power Cord While you do have some outlets with charging phones, cameras, apple watches a power cord comes in handy but whatever you do make sure it’s non-surge or they will confiscate it.

6. Dramamine. Seasickness is real my son got sick so don’t forget this or you will pay double on the boat.

7. Sun HatThe sun is strong on the boat and in the islands so protect yourself with a hat.

8. PooPourri – Needless to say the room is small so smell travels fast let’s just say this comes in handy for those bathroom moments.

9. Towel Clips I didn’t realize just how windy it gets on deck towel clips keep your towel from flying away from your chair.

10. Bathroom organizer While you have shelf space the bathroom organizer puts everything you need in one location.

11. Probiotics If you are health conscious it can get a little rough finding healthy food I did get sick while on the cruise so my probiotics helped soothe my stomach.

12. Vitamin C- Making sure your immune system is high is the best thing you can do to prevent getting sick.

What are your essential cruise items?

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