“I received this product to sample from ShopRite in exchange for my honest opinion”

It’s time to go back to school. This felt like a very short summer it got warm in New York very late. This summer we went on a cruise to Bermuda and they received their basic swimming certificate. As we are ending summer we want to lessen their sugar content so when picking out summer snacks we make sure our kids get more nutrients from them than sugar and chemicals. When shopping for snacks I look at how healthy it is, taste and sugar content.

I received a sample box from Shop Rite’s Wholesome Pantry. I love the fact that we have a ShopRite in the Bronx.

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Not only are Wholesome Pantry products healthy their organic products are affordable because organic products are more expensive than conventional.

About Wholesome Pantry

Wholesome Pantry and Wholesome Pantry Organic, is designed as an alternative for customers seeking cleaner ingredients and simpler labeling. Wholesome Pantry’s line voids 110 ingredients and contains no artificial additives, flavors and preservatives.

I received the Wholesome Box which consists of:


Fruit and Nut Bar: Cranberry Almond
These are great not too sweet my kids love the combination of fruits and nuts. The cranberry gave this fruit bar just the right sweetness.

Granola Squares Maple Pumpkin with Sea Salt
I was a bit anxious to see if they liked this one but low and behold they ate it. I love this one because of all the nutritious grains they can eat this as a mid day snack at home and it will keep their little brains at work. Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
These were a staple in the house within an hour they were done if you are looking for a healthy alternative to potato chips or tortilla chips (these taste great with salsa) then look no further these tasty Sweet Potato chips. Low in fat content and high in fiber.

Mango Slices:
My kids prefer the real fruit over dried but if you child likes dried fruit this is great for their morning, afternoon or evening snack.

Granola Square Oats & Honey
We love these because instead of sugar they add honey and oats these replace some of the other sugar filled granola bars.

Head over to your local ShopRite and grab some of these healthy snacks!